Driver coaching requires clear safety goals, constructive feedback, and a data-driven technology partner. But all this starts with you, the fleet manager, who will set the conversation on how drivers will improve their performance. Before anything else, the driver needs to know that you are there to support them.

The right technology solution quantifies and provides an objective lens to your driver coaching program. Data-based technology gives you a closer look into how your staff is doing behind the wheel and on the road. Interior dash cams would accurately capture the positive and negative behavior of each driver.

Exterior cameras can show how their habits are ensuring or reducing safety for other vehicles on the road. With visual proof on hand, drivers can review how they exhibit risky and favorable behavior. And you can tailor the feedback based on their performance.

It may seem difficult to scale one-on-one driver coaching to your staff, even with the best technology on hand. But there are elements you can set up for a consistent program that help to coach drivers. Both the coach and driver can reap the benefits of a strategic and well-planned program.

Types of Driver Coaching

Your driver coaching program’s elements will depend on the training type the company requires. Consider a combination of the following types:

  • In-cab audio alerts provide real-time driver feedback to prompt corrective action while the driver is on the road, specifically about following distance, speeding, and distracted driving.
  • Virtual coaching is an advanced level of “no-touch” coaching that sends a focused message to drivers based on algorithms on specific safety alerts.
  • Remote coaching offers a means for drivers and fleet managers to discuss the observed positive habits and how to improve other types of behaviors, without having to schedule a face-to-face session.
  • Managed coaching or face-to-face coaching is the most interactive level in your program, wherein both parties can discuss eliminating specific behavior, what needs improvements, and recognizing driver actions for consistently safe driving.

Here are the most important elements of driver coaching you need to know.

Elements of Driver Coaching 

Improve Safe Driving Behavior

Your coaching process is partnered with a driver safety program. Emphasize that the coaching procedures ensure safety for both the driver and other vehicles on the road. When your staff sees that the company is looking out for them, they are more likely to stay.

A driver coaching app can help drivers prevent an accident and encourage consistent safe driving behaviors. For instance, Netradyne Driveri Mobile app (available to download via Google Play or the Apple App store) helps drivers gain visibility into their performance and provides multiple functions:

  • Performance Visibility
  • Realtime Access
  • Coaching (Managed/Virtual)
  • Gamification
  • Drive Time Assignment

In a recent survey of over 2,000 drivers, displayed that drivers who used the mobile app had improved driver performance and consistently higher GreenZone scores. As shown in the graph below, drivers using the Driveri app average 51 points higher vs. those who don’t use the app.

Similarly, fleets with a higher percentage of drivers using the app perform better on average. Fleets with greater than 50% of the drivers using the app, have substantially higher fleet scores than those with lower participation.

Increases Safety Awareness

Drivers display enhanced safety awareness when coached at regular intervals. Your training and the technology’s assistance build a better picture of how they can prevent accidents and reduce collisions based on their behavior. With remote or personal coaching tips, you can explain the driving risk based on specific instances on video or from the warnings that repeat as in-cab audio alerts.

Ensure Consistent Coaching

Consistent and frequent feedback benefits the employee, your company, and your role as a fleet manager. Effectively coaching drivers transforms them over time into better and consistent performers. They can track their progress while you monitor their driving habits and what has changed throughout their tenure.

Use your remote or in-person coaching sessions to watch recorded events. From there, you can show their positive achievements and negative behaviors.

Recognizes Drivers

Personalize the feedback based on the recorded footage and the gathered data. Recognizing their good behavior encourages them to continue these actions. At the same time, you give a sense of appreciation for their hard work.  Don’t forget to document every coaching session for both parties’ reference.

GreenZone Threshold

Apart from videos, you can also show their GreenZone score, a driver score unique to Netradyne’s Driveri, a fleet safety platform. It’s the first and only score built on positive driving. The calculation is compared to your fleet’s average and drivers are notified when they reach milestones. Setting the GreenZone score also encourages drivers to meet the fleet goal based on the highest mark possible.

Increase ROI

With more safety measures, rules, and guidelines in place, your company will appreciate an increased ROI. More clients will do business with you for ensuring safe deliveries or transport. You’ll have fewer accidents to account for in your budget. Insurance companies are likely to give you discounts based on improved performance and a lower chance of having third-party claims.

Final Thoughts

A strategic plan, a data-driven driving coach app, and your experience as a driving coach are the keys to an effective and efficient driver coaching program. Drivers will perform better while finding the motivation to maintain or exceed expectations. The data you gather helps everyone involved deliver better services and ensure the safety of all.

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