In an effort to increase public safety, The State of Florida implemented Senate Bill 766, allows for the identification of school bus driving-related infractions. The bill requires each independent school district to purchase their own school bus infraction detection system, which must meet specific requirements set by the State Board of Education.

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About the Florida Senate Bill 766 and What It Means for Your Fleet

SB766, or the School Bus Infraction Detection System Act, is a proposed bill that seeks to implement strict regulations in the use of cameras to capture vehicles that pass school buses while their stop signs are out.

This bill aims to promote the safety of students by reducing the number of traffic violations that occur around school buses, thus limiting the risk of accidents and injuries. Part of the rationale for the bill is the fact that an alarming 11,224 illegal school bus passings occur daily.

The bill applies to school districts across the state, as well as any public or private school that uses school buses to transport students. It requires all school buses to be equipped with a camera system that can detect when a vehicle passes the stop sign while the bus is loading or unloading children. The footage collected by the camera must then be reviewed by law enforcement officials, who can issue fines to drivers who violate the law.

The SB766 bill imposes specific requirements on the school bus infraction detection systems to ensure their effectiveness. These requirements include features like:

By establishing these criteria, the bill seeks to ensure that these systems are reliable and serve the best interests of school bus drivers and students.

The Best School Bus Infraction Detection System for Your Fleet

One company that meets the necessary requirements is Netradyne, whose Driver·i system offers a number of key advantages over other dash cameras on the market.

Driver·i records and analyzes 100 percent of drive time in full HD, as opposed to just only triggered events. This ensures that school systems have a complete record of their vehicles’ journey, allowing them to identify and address safety concerns more effectively.

Driver·i offers unique side visibility capabilities, with a single camera being able to record road facing, driver facing, and side facing views (for a total of 270 degrees). Additional cameras, also known as Driver·i Hub, are added to achieve 360 degree visibility, making it easy to identify vehicles that violate traffic laws related to school buses.

Driver•i D-430 Fleet Camera

Driver·i also includes both local law enforcement and State Board of Education video sharing capabilities, ensuring that schools can quickly and easily share information with the appropriate authorities.

“At First Student, we believe our drivers are our best safety feature, and we invest heavily in their training and development. By partnering with Netradyne, we further demonstrate our commitment to providing the safest ride to and from school.”
– Dean Suhre, Chief Operating Officer, First Student 

Perhaps most importantly, Driver·i addresses student privacy concerns by obscuring personal information such as the driver identity, passengers on the vehicle, and the address and contents of nearby residences. This ensures that the system is only used to document violations of s. 316.172(1)(a) and (b) and that it is not used for any other surveillance purposes.

Meeting the Requirements with Driver•i

Dashboard managing driver fleet data and statistics. Truck Dashcam System for Commercial Fleets

As required by the State of Florida implemented Senate Bill 766, each school district must design their own requirements for their school bus infraction detection system. However, by choosing Driver·i, they will meet the necessary standards.

It is worth noting that Senate Bill 766 precludes vendors from receiving a commission per infraction, ensuring that companies like Netradyne are focused solely on providing schools with the best possible solutions for increasing public safety.

And revenue generated by infractions goes directly to Level I, Level II, and pediatric trauma centers in recognition of readiness costs for maintaining trauma services, as well as to those centers that see a higher volume of trauma cases.

Benefits Beyond Compliance for School Buses

Did you know that there were 3000 crashes involving school buses in 2022 in Florida?

Driver·i goes far beyond SB766 compliance. For example, Netradyne Driver·i can help keep inexperienced drivers safe with live in-cab audio alerts for dangerous driving and give them daily performance feedback right from their phone.

With the GreenZone Score, you can coach drivers by tracking their performance and identifying both positive and risky driving behaviors alerts are categorized by risk level, making it easy for drivers and fleet managers to see where improvements are needed and what areas are at risk of compliance violations. Plus, drivers have the opportunity to be rewarded for improving their behavior.

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GreenZone Score

The system’s advanced features and comprehensive capabilities make it the top choice for school districts looking to upgrade its school bus infraction detection system.

Next Steps

SB766 presents a great opportunity for all Florida independent school districts to use modern technology to increase safety on the road.

Driver•i fleet camera system helps schools in Florida keep their drivers safe and compliant with infraction detection technology that is designed to meet the requirements outlined by the State Board of Education.

This system offers low total cost of ownership, easy installation processes, and unmatched accuracy while providing 100 percent driver coverage – making it the best solution for an independent school district in need of compliance.

Get started on ensuring safety and compliance within your fleet now!

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