Ron Bourque, Vice President of Safety at Aim Transportation Solutions and an industry leader with experience as a director in the field, shared his insight on how Netradyne’s GreenZone Score helped him better manage one of America’s top fleets during a webinar.

The core values that drive this culture are integrity, accountability, commitment and trust—values that allow for both learning from customers as well as teaching best practices to enhance safety within the fleet.

Improving Safety with AI Dash Cams 

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After an extensive four-year search for the optimal solution to prioritize safety, Bourque chose premium smart cameras as the most effective answer. With options ranging from basic models not connected to any networks up to complex cellular-connected intelligent versions, they opted instead for a smart option that could meet their specific needs and help reach their security goals.

Bourque saw the potential of Netradyne and its cutting-edge technology, including Driver•i. This program gave drivers a 100 percent analysis of their drivetime as well as self coaching features and positive reinforcement through GreenZone scores.

“When you’re left to evaluate the performance of your people and say what they did well, there was only one company doing that, and that’s when we pulled the trigger when we saw the power of the scoring system.” 

Aim Transportation Solutions is continuously working towards excellence by improving processes, people, and culture. They believe it is essential to hire individuals who align with their core values and can contribute positively towards building a safer industry. By having a camera system that empowers positive recognition and helps identify their best drivers, they are improving their safety department every day.

Developing Incentives for Great Drivers 

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It made a difference regarding how Bourque’s department managed drivers. “It gives us a lot of opportunity to talk about the good stuff.” Ron said the power of positive recognition truly made a difference with the drivers. They’ve set up friendly competitions and incentive programs that puts safety first.

Bourque said his team introduced incentives around statistics from the camera system. “We were doing some drawings in the early phases of our implementation and those drawings were really designed to make the drivers that didn’t have a camera want one,” he said. “I was giving away prizes to the people that had them, so the guys that didn’t say, ‘hey, put a camera in my truck.’” Bourque said the friendly competition even got the drivers who didn’t want cameras on board and the company continues to offer fun incentive programs that provide more bonuses to drivers. Bourque says the benefits of having Netradyne extend beyond the fleet into ROI.

“Are we living by ROI? No…I do know that we’re not having big incidents and the incidents that we have are not our fault. And we’re helping out the community, you know, we’re seeing things on the road, and we’re able to help other people, you know, either defend themselves or be held accountable, whatever the case may be. And that seemingly happens every week.”

Final Thoughts

Overall, Bourque’s dedication to safety highlights how important it is for companies to prioritize this aspect of transportation. By investing in technology like smart cameras and fostering a culture centered around safety values, companies like Aim can make significant strides toward creating safer roads for everyone.

You can watch the entire episode of Behind the GreenZone with Ron Bourque here.

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