The 2021 armored truck collision in Carlsbad, California[1] that resulted in scattered cash along the freeway showed how imperative it is for armored vehicles to mitigate collision risk. Collisions don’t just result in messy legal battles and expensive settlements — they compromise the very reputation of the transportation company.

As carriers of currency and other highly valuable assets, armored trucks need sophisticated security technology to keep vehicles, drivers, and cargo safe. Ideally, that technology gives drivers full visibility of their vehicle surroundings in real time while proactively preventing accidents.

Enter: the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered dash cam[2].

Read on to discover how AI dash cams reduce risks and support effective safety initiatives for armored transportation.

AI-Powered Dash Cam Benefits for Armored Vehicles

AI dash cams are a game-changing technology for the armored vehicle industry — delivering the following benefits:

Full Visibility to Reduce Collision Risk

AI dash cams capture 360-degree views[2] of the vehicle and road surroundings which dramatically reduce blind spots for your drivers and improve safety. Fleet managers are also able to see 100% of drive time — leaving no stone unturned when it comes to correcting driver behavior or determining who is at fault in a collision. AI dash cams display following distance, stop sign and traffic light compliance, driver activity inside the vehicle, cargo monitoring, and more.

With the right dash cam system, both driver and fleet manager have full visibility of the vehicle and what’s happening on the road in real time because AI, machine learning (ML), and edge computing[3] collect and deliver information from thousands of data points. Drivers are able to sustain heightened safety awareness and proactively prevent collisions while managers detect seven times more risk[2], and gain better insight into driver behavior to make data-driven decisions about improving safety.

Self-Coaching Reinforces Long-Term Safety

With AI-powered dash cams, algorithms detect distracted driving[4] and other risky behaviors. The system then prompts drivers to correct behavior in real time and self-correct in the future to curb risky habits. Because the behavior-based alerts come from AI and not human managers, drivers are more likely to respond constructively to the corrective prompts and improve on their own in the long term.

The system also keeps fleet managers informed about driver behavior and drivers’ efforts to self-correct, enabling managers to reward drivers for improvement. Managers can support and augment self-coaching efforts by implementing incentive programs, gamification methods, and other rewards for excellent performance.

The right AI dash cam will provide a corresponding app that both drivers and fleet managers can use for training purposes and self-coaching. For example, Netradyne’s Driver·i system includes an app that allows managers to assign weekly training sessions to drivers that they can complete on their own time.

Real-Time Analytics and Monitoring to Keep Assets Safe

Aside from driver safety, asset safety is paramount for armored transportation given the nature of its cargo. In the event of an emergency or theft, AI dash cams alert managers to send assistance[5] or keep tabs on vehicle status. Fleets can quickly remediate unforeseen circumstances by getting real-time updates through advanced monitoring technology. GPS tracking and telematics also help identify vehicle location, speed, and engine status.

“Thieves stole tires and parts, and we had no recourse. We put Driver·i cameras in two trucks that were parked in that yard, captured the video, sent it to the local police department, and they matched it to a suspect. We never would have been able to do that with our former camera solution.”

Amanda Gallegos, Director of Risk Management, Stewart Transport

Added Bonus for Fleet Managers: Smart Data Organization

AI dash cams collect tons of data about road conditions, vehicle status, driver behavior, and more. But sifting through these mountains of data is not an efficient use of time for fleet managers. AI-powered platforms like Netradyne’s Driver·i organize videos based on alert types and severity of alerts[6] so managers can prioritize reviewing certain content and addressing it with drivers.

This smart data organization capability allows fleet managers to spend more time helping drivers improve safety and less time watching hours of irrelevant video.

Secure Your Armored Vehicle, Driver, and Assets Today

Armored truck companies have to promise the best when it comes to asset security and vehicle safety — making it critical for them to adopt the best in dash cam systems. Only AI-powered dash cams deliver complete visibility, self-coaching capabilities, and real-time analytics to optimize fleet performance and ensure secure transportation.

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