AI dash cams were first released in police cars to record traffic violators. They’ve gone a long way since then, with commercial and fleet vehicles using dash cams to aid their driving and ensure their safety. In today’s world, a dash cam’s meaning is a single or dual facing camera inside a vehicle used to analyze the road conditions. Dual facing dash cams are installed to analyze driver behavior and help in preventing accidents through alerts.

How AI Empowers Dash Cams

Artificial intelligence employs millions of data points that enable a computer to do human intelligence-level tasks. Today’s dash cams use AI, deep learning, and machine learning to improve their capabilities. For example,Netradyne analyzes the external conditions such as signs, signals, and pedestrians to provide real-time insights. When it comes to answering “what is the purpose of a dashcam?” It boils down to preventing accidents and ensuring safe driving using the information the technology gathers.

Let’s look at the AI models to better understand how an AI dash cam works:

In the cloud AI processing involves the driver uploading the captures to a cloud. The downside here is a delay between seeing the footage and the assessment made on the video. The driver will be unable to act immediately in case of an external factor detected, while the fleet manager doesn’t have enough time to prevent the potential accident.

In-vehicle or on the network edge AI processing is used to analyze and understand various factors such as traffic elements, driver behavior, and any data found across driving ecosystems. The AI-empowered algorithms on the device detect distracted driving and other risky behaviors, alerting drivers of the risk in real-time. Drivers can act immediately and can work toward avoiding their bad habits. Fleet managers are also informed as it happens, which helps them coach drivers wherever they are.

Edge-to-cloud implementation involves employing the AI to analyze the thousands of video data uploaded to the cloud. Secure storage and more meticulous processing are involved to help improve driver behavior. All the data and performance analysis occurs in real-time, increasing the information available for your fleets as they go about their journeys.

The Benefits of AI Dash Cams

Better driver safety

Fleet safety is key to running an effective and profitable business. The AI dash cams ensure and improve safety with its real-time alerts for driver behavior and capture of road conditions to prevent accidents. Drivers are informed of the external conditions in real-time as well, which allows them to act in advance and avoid the dangers up ahead. For real-time driver behavior, internal dash cams can detect distracted driving and inform them of the occurrence. The reminders help drivers work towards avoiding these habits in the long run. Having real-time, behavior-based alerts is particularly helpful when drivers need to take long journeys and finish a delivery during the night.

Efficient Fleet Management

AI dash cams also help fleet managers monitor the vehicle’s location and see if any roadblocks or setbacks can delay the delivery. The accessibility allows managers to inform their drivers beforehand of any congestion and suggest routes that ensure an on-time schedule.

The data from a dashcam with collision avoidance helps improve the relationship between fleet managers and drivers. Managers can make objective, data-driven assessments of the driver’s performance. From there, they can review captured footage together and make concrete plans for the driver’s improvement. The AI dash cams can also capture positive behavior that managers can reward and use as a basis for a promotion or incentive.

Reduced Costs

Every accident your AI dashcam prevents leads to more money saved. You also get your money’s worth with the data available, as the footage helps improve driver performance with every journey. In the case of a client problem or on-the-road accident, can you be prosecuted from a dashcam? The dash cams inside and outside your vehicle helps in building your case. The captured footage is objective, showing no bias toward your company. If your driver was not at fault, then the AI dash cam will show that.

Why Netradyne’s dash cam is the best choice for your fleet

What is the most reliable dashcam? Your best bet is a dashcam with safety camera alerts and Netradyne delivers these in real-time. Drivers receive real-time in-cab audio alerts of their behavior like distracted driving or any potential violations. The technology also rewards positive behavior that motivates and encourages better performance among your staff. The intelligent fleet dash cams analyze the daily trips, detecting everything from signs, pedestrians, and other objects so drivers can prevent any accidents. All captured events are immediately uploaded on the dashboard for immediate assessment and the manager’s thorough review. In case of litigation, you can request video-on-demand and share it as evidence to exonerate drivers in minutes. Dash cams are utilized at every opportunity for everyone’s safety and the company’s profitability.

Predict Your Fleet’s Accident Reduction & ROI

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