Operational costs and safety seem to go hand in hand for fleets of any size. The challenge facing SMBs is managing these costs and enhancing safety in the long run. That’s where smart AI technology comes in. The decision to move to smart technology solutions comes from the need to proactively protect drivers on the road.

Vice President of Fleet Safety Strategy Barrett Young discussed these topics in detail in a series of 17 radio shows that broadcast both nationally and regionally across the country. He shared the highlights of a recent SMB survey showing how decision-makers of small and medium-sized fleet businesses are becoming part of the AI technology movement.

Taking Action to Protect Drivers and Your Business

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recorded 9,560 people had died in motor vehicle traffic crashes at the beginning of 2022. Roads are getting more and more crowded with the increase in delivery and commercial vehicles trying to meet tight deadlines and increased demands. This is causing SMB decision-makers to prioritize their driver’s safety in addition to managing immediate operational costs. To address these challenges efficiently, many decision-makers are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can assess speed, traffic sign compliance, and distracted driving, alerting drivers of behaviors that put them at risk while also rewarding them for positive driving. In fact, 91 percent of decision-makers believe their fleet would benefit from an AI safety solution. Being able to recognize safe driving and have better context around the road risks drivers face on a daily basis helps SMB decision-makers protect their drivers and their business.

The increase in traffic accidents, distracted driving, inclement weather, and other road risks also impacts the long-term financial planning of SMBs. 63 percent of decision-makers claim losing just one vehicle in their fleet would be financially devastating. The addition of managing rising fuel costs has also made it difficult for decision-makers to save money. There are certain actions fleets can take in managing fuel usage, like maintaining the speed limit, training drivers on techniques that can optimize fuel consumption, and staying on top of vehicle maintenance. This is where AI technology comes in to help managers better equip their drivers and their businesses with cost-effective solutions. By using AI technology to coach drivers on improving their safe driving skills, decision-makers can save money on insurance claims and on preventable accidents. This allows for SMBs to widen their financial net and start planning for long-term costs. 96 percent of decision-makers have concerns about securing financing to expand their fleet. With the right AI-powered fleet management software, SMBs are able to establish long-term safety solutions and save on operational costs.

Final Thoughts

Small and medium-sized businesses with fleets owners are coming to rely on AI-powered safety technology to ensure the safety of their drivers and to better manage operational costs. With road risks and fleet expenses increasing, what steps are you taking to ensure the safety and security of your drivers and your business? Explore Netradyne’s AI-powered safety solution to protect your fleet in the long run.

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