Turning a new leaf from a difficult 2020, we can’t forget our successes and accomplishments. This past year, Netradyne’s product and engineering teams have worked hard to deliver several new features and improvements to help fleets continue to improve their fleet safety program.  

As many readers know, what makes Advanced AI, Edge Computing and Computer Vision different from legacy technology updates is that safety managers get a full, beautifully painted picture of risk so that they can monitor what is actually happening on the road and intervene when needed.  

These new features combine our powerful analytics with more efficient means for viewing the resulting data, so the manager can be more productive and focus attention where it is needed.  

This is the first blog in a “What’s new” series, summarizing updates to Netradyne’s product portfolio. This edition features enhancements for better understanding driver performance and is organized into seven categories – GreenZone V3, wake on motion, event preview, smart view option, location-based event access search, compound alerts, and posted speeding in-cab alerts


GreenZone V3  

A driver score built on safe driving just works. The GreenZone score is the first and only driver score built on positive driving and is becoming the industry standard in driver recognition.  

 GreenZone V3 includes:  

  • Increased score’s correlation to preventable crashes 
  • DriverStar Streaks – another easy way to positively recognize drivers. 
  • More meaningful following distance metrics – provide added insight so managers can focus their attention where it needs to be.  

Fleet performance is more than just analyzing risk. The GreenZone score holistically represents real-time driver performance down to a single number where you can gain instant visibility into driver ranking and make more informed decisions about driver feedback.  

With deeper analytics and insights into user behavior and best driving practices while constantly feeding deeper analytics into our machine learning and Advanced AI engine, we create a smarter system.  

This chart here shows a strong upward score trend identifying risk and positive behavior, so that fleet safety performance improves:  

greenzone chart

GreenZone improvements have a direct correlation to improved driver recognition and best practices, creating a system they can trust and rely on to help drivers reach or maintain “professional driver status.”  


Wake on motion is a new feature offered on the D-210 device that enables the device to wake up based on inertial sensor activity. So, any movement or shake induced by opening or closing the door of the vehicle, will initiate the D-210 to start powering up.  

The D-210 also shuts down when there is no activity for 15min (in line with default post-ignition setting) or will follow current fleet post-ignition off setting time. With WoM enabled, installations are easier since you can avoid connection to the ignition line.  

With a 50% reduction in deployment time, fleets and vehicle owners reduce installation costs and get D-210s deployed much quicker. 

Event Preview and Smart View 

Review and prioritize events faster. Create more signals and less noise through organized workflows, providing clearer insights and saving time when it comes to reviewing, coaching, and recognizing. 

With Event Preview, managers can now preview event videos that need the most attention, directly in the portal:  

event preview

And with Smart View, you can review and prioritize events in a more efficient, organized workflow, allowing you to focus on the behaviors that need adjustment first:  

smart view

With Event Preview and Smart View, you’ll spend less time reviewing videos and more time on coaching, recognition, and growing the business. 

Location-based Event Access Search 

Identify vehicles easier – with location-based access search, you can identify vehicles that have been in specific locations, even when the vehicle number is unknown. Aid in investigations while saving time and improving business efficiency by understanding vehicle location without having to research. 

Compound Alerts 

Compound alerts are a combination of two Base Alerts that occurred closely together in the same minute. The first will be a combination of the Driver Distraction and Following Distance alerts.

The following Compound Alert is available on the Netradyne Portal: 

Driver Distracted + Following Distance: When the driver was distracted for more than a few seconds (talking on the phone, looking at the phone, or looking down) and did not maintain a safe distance from the next vehicle ahead. 

When two Base Alerts occur closely together in the same minute, then the system combines these alerts to generate a single compound alert. For example, if the vehicle’s speed is above the posted speed limit and the driver failed to stop at a traffic light, then a compound alert will be generated. Compound alerts help safety managers identify multiple risky behaviors at once and get a clearer understanding of what’s occurring in real-time allowing them to coach the driver and improve driver professionalism and performance.

Posted Speeding In-cab Alerts  

Drivers now receive in-cab alerts for posted speed limit signs and compare the vehicle speed against the speed limit and the posted speed thresholds set by the fleet in the portal.  

This now provides an opportunity for drivers to self-coach and potentially avoid a coaching session with a manager.  

Here’s an example:  

The posted speed limit is 60mph and the posted speed threshold is set at 5mph above limit. Fleet-specified threshold is set at 70mph. 

When a driver traveling at 67mph passes a 60mph speed limit sign, the posted speed in-cab alert will be played. When a driver travels at 71+mph, the fleet-specified in-cab alert will be played.  

And safety managers reduce time spent on coaching because drivers make quick corrective action, simplifying the coaching workflow and creating safer roads in real-time.  


Final Thoughts  

The Netradyne team is consistently delivering new features and updates every quarter. We are always striving to meet your needs and help you improve the safety of your fleet and are continually improving to make our platform better. 

We provide a complete picture of a driver’s day, so you can easily analyze the resulting data, and display useful, actionable information that helps increase and recognize safe behaviors in your fleet.  

If you are not a Netradyne customer yet, hopefully, this series will make clear the key aspects separating Netradyne from legacy approaches – the system is tailored to the fleet’s needs and is automatically updated without the burden of an upgrade cycle.  


This is a summary of new features and enhancements. 

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