AI dash cams give fleet managers a full picture of their fleet’s driving journey. From the monitoring of road conditions in real-time and identifying specific driving behaviors to incidental footage, machine learning and AI ensure no detail is missed. Given these circumstances, AI dash cams seem invasive to your drivers’ privacy. However, the dash cam protects your drivers and assures their overall safety. Your fleet also operates more efficiently when you can make decisions based on objective data. These are just some of the benefits of AI dash cams. Read on to find out the other benefits of using AI dash cam in fleet tracking.

How Do AI Dash Cams Help With Fleet Tracking?

Dash cams capture the full picture of an entire driving day. It starts with small but relevant details like the truck’s GPS location, allowing managers to check for incoming traffic and estimate the vehicle’s return. It also helps you track the number of vehicles used daily. Specific instances are also captured, like any incidents during accidents or when drivers are prone to distracted driving behavior. You gain data-driven insight into your driver’s safety, allowing you to manage the fleet more effectively. 

What Are the Benefits of Using AI Dash Cams for Fleet Tracking?

Thanks to real-time GPS location tracking, fleet managers like yourself can actively avoid delays. You immediately see if a vehicle is stalled in traffic and can check for any faster reroutes, you waste no time assessing the next move to continue the pending trip. You manage everything from rerouting and traffic assessments to the vehicle’s status based on real-time updates.

Data from dash cams also mitigates any accident-caused risks. No more worrying about paying more for an incident the fleet drivers aren’t responsible for. The recorded data makes a strong case for the company, providing clear and objective evidence that exonerates drivers who aren’t at fault.

The captured videos and performance-based behaviors improve visibility for drivers and managers. Drivers receive real-time alerts reminding them to avoid any distracted or risky driving behaviors. They’re made aware of driving habits they can improve on, along with those that they should continue. Fleet managers also have access to recorded behavior—both positive and negative—that they can use to properly assess their drivers’ performance. Both fleet drivers and managers can review the data during their one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Why Netradyne Is the Choice of Small and Enterprise Fleets

Many companies offer AI dash cams, but Netradyne is the choice of companies like TITAN Freight Systems and Halvor Lines. The system is focused on safe driving that prevents accidents and reduces driving violations. The inward-facing dash cams instantly detect violations like distracted and drowsy driving, along with positive driving behaviors like stop sign compliance and increasing following distance. Drivers are immediately informed of these occurrences so they can correct these behaviors in real-time and be rewarded as well.

Netradyne also consolidates the gathered data into reports managers can use to prevent accidents. They can also refer to the recorded videos to see the most common driving violations, the fleet’s strengths and positive behaviors, and the conditions during risky or unsafe behaviors. These provide more context and information for managers to make sound decisions.

Netradyne’s dash cams also support four additional external cameras to give full visibility through a 360-degree camera live stream. You get to witness the journeys in real-time, along with updates on the engine status, speed, and other vehicle-related telematics data. The camera’s motion detector also prevents theft, letting you see who is driving the vehicle and where it is going. The live location helps you track the proper use or sudden misuse of your fleets’ vehicles.

Netradyne’s fleet tracking capabilities encompass multiple aspects necessary for running a fleet. You can start as early as now to get a demo to explore how we can boost driver safety, improve performance, and lead you toward data-driven fleet decisions. No need to worry about the size of your fleet, as Netradyne’s system can adapt to any size.

Final Thoughts

AI dash cams empower fleets to efficiently operate, promote and sustain driving safety, and reduce accidents on the road. Every detail is captured so fleet managers and drivers can better perform and deliver the company’s services. Explore how Netrayne can integrate its AI dash cams for fleet tracking into your company’s capabilities today. No fleet is too big or small for us to grow the possibilities and potential of your business.

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