A fleet camera system is essential to every trucking company and commercial vehicle business. Even the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) says that this system is a must for all fleet vehicles and semi-trucks. The main reason? Dash cameras inside and around your vehicle ensure the driver’s safety, protects your company against fraud, and help prevent accidents on the road. All these benefits also save your company money spent on accidents, liabilities, and driver exoneration. You end up profiting from this investment, while also protecting your employees in the long term.

So how exactly will fleet camera system benefits help your company? Here are six benefits to consider and how each one makes a positive impact.

Break Risky Driving Habits

Today’s fleet camera systems go beyond recording what’s in front of your vehicle. For instance, Netradyne’s AI-powered technology assesses distracted driving behaviors like texting while driving and drowsiness. Once the internal dash cam recognizes these, your driver receives an in-cab audio alert to correct their behavior in real-time. This can decrease the number of accidents your fleet is involved in.

An advanced driver-facing camera can capture both negative and positive behavior. Accurately capturing positive driving behavior helps fleet managers set a positive tone while coaching drivers on how they can improve. By emphasizing positive acts, drivers are more likely to repeat them as they’re being recognized for their best efforts.

Netradyne’s Driver•i app also includes system-automated training sessions where drivers can review their performance online. This keeps drivers on the road and out of the manager’s office. Drivers have full autonomy over their learning experience with the mobile app, allowing them to improve efficiency and continue to improve in the long run.

Exonerate Drivers

A reliable fleet camera system includes an dual-facing dash cams, this allows drivers and fleet managers have full visibility of what goes on inside and outside the vehicle. Netradyne’s HD quality fleet dash cams capture speeding, following distance, and hard braking. These events can help exonerate your driver by showing proof that they practiced safe driving in the event of an accident. This captured video can be quickly accessed to either challenge a ticket or fight insurance claims.

Recognize Safe Driving

As mentioned before, Netradyne’s Driver•i system recognizes positive driving behavior, which is reflected in a driver’s GreenZone Score. But what do you do with this score? Driver incentive programs that reward drivers with cash bonuses and/or company-wide recognition have proven to be effective time and time again. Incentive programs encourage your drivers to strive for a higher score, meaning they are driving safer on the road. When you recognize safe driving, your drivers are going to want to continue improving, which forms long-term safe driving habits.  

Organized Video Platform

Fleet managers will need to pull up the right video for driver performance reviews, data analysis, or insurance claims. No need to worry about spending hours looking for the right video. Driver•i fleet dashboard categorizes the recorded videos according to driver alerts. Managers can easily find what they need based on the driver they’re training, an incoming coaching session, or if they need an incident-specific video.

AI-Powered Technology

Managing a large fleet means volumes of data at your disposal that is quickly organized for more efficient fleet operations. An AI-powered fleet camera system recognizes the driver’s behavior and analyzes it accordingly. The information gathered provides your company with better insight into the most common risky and safe driving habits. Managers can base their next coaching or training sessions on a full picture of their drivers’ positive and risky behaviors.

Final Thoughts

A fleet camera system is every driver and manager’s partner. Internal and external dash cams may seem intrusive, but they’re actually there to protect your personnel’s best interests. Drivers are kept safe on the road, with real-time reminders of behaviors they should avoid and driving practices they should continue. Objective video footage exonerates drivers in case of an accident. Managers can track their location and make objective assessments for every driver’s performance review. Positive recognition from the cameras retains your best drivers, as they’ll appreciate the commendation for their hard work. Start investing in a fleet camera system that goes beyond recording footage.

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