Today’s dash cams do more than just record what’s in front of a vehicle. Advanced dual-facing dash cameras also monitor a driver’s behavior like drowsiness and distracted driving. But your fleet’s drivers may hesitate from the potential privacy invasion of the camera. They might assume the camera’s always recording them or it’s only there to capture their worse behavior.

The conversation about adopting smart technology starts with how your drivers can benefit from dual-facing dash cams. Transparency is the best policy when talking about how dual-facing dash cams prioritize the safety of the driver. Here are some of the reasons you can also share with drivers and your stakeholders when discussing the importance of having a dual-facing dash cam.

Why a Dual Facing Dash Cam?

Always start with the “why.” Why would your company need dual-facing dash cams? To answer this question, focus on how it will benefit the fleet. The most obvious benefit would be more visibility of the vehicle’s outside activity. Insurance companies prefer fleets with dual dash cams as the device helps in preventing fraud and minimizes liability in case of an accident. The recorded footage provides clear proof to settle claims quickly.

With the addition of clear recorded video, dual-facing dash cams can improve how you coach your drivers on safety. The right fleet management software can identify both positive and negative driving behaviors. This balances the conversation of practicing safe driving behaviors.

Solid Proof for Insurance Claims

As mentioned earlier, dual-facing dash cams also capture the immediate vicinity of a vehicle. In the event of an accident, you’ll immediately have clear video footage to exonerate your driver who exhibited good behavior. Both the outside and inside dash cams capture the other vehicle making the claim and what precautions your driver was taking at the time of the incident. In addition, if a driver is pulled over, the fleet managers can access and share the dash cam video quickly with the driver to exonerate them from a possible ticket. Any accusations are immediately disproven based on the recorded evidence.

Should the driver be at fault, you can discuss options for mitigating the verdict with the lawyers and insurance brokers involved. You can also offer the driver constructive feedback on how to avoid the situation in the future.

Keep Your Drivers Safe on the Road

The dual dash cam senses when a compliance violation is about to occur and translates the data into a nonaggressive in-cab audio alert. Your drivers will be informed if they’ve performed risky behavior like distracted driving, speeding, and following too close to another vehicle. The alerts are given in real-time, giving the driver a chance to correct the behavior and avoid an accident.

Fleet managers can also use the capture dash cam videos to train new hires before they hit the road. Giving clear examples of both positive and negative driving behaviors helps new drivers be better prepared before they get behind the wheel. The in-cab audio alerts and effective driver training provided through dual-facing dash cams sets up your drivers for success in improving their safety on the road.

Reward Your Safest Drivers

Having a dual-facing dash cam system that captures positive driving behavior reassures your drivers that the company recognizes and appreciates their dedication to improving their skills. In addition, offering rewards and incentives like a cash bonus, gift card, and public recognition (eg. in a company newsletter) results in long-term safety compliance. Practicing positive recognition also establishes a healthy work culture where drivers know they are recognized for their efforts and fleet managers can see that their drivers are improving.

Improve Your Company’s Safety Program

An AI-powered dual-facing camera provides fleet and safety managers better insight into their drivers’ performance. Through the data collected, managers gain context into certain driving behaviors to personalize their coaching to the individual. This data can also be used to improve vehicle maintenance which helps prevent roadside breakdowns and costly repairs. These benefits of having dual-facing dash cams create a solid foundation for your company’s safety program.

Final Thoughts

Dual dash cams are there to improve your drivers’ performance and protect them on the road. By showing how the cams act as their advocate, your staff will be more open to their presence. Managers are able to make data-informed decisions for the company, reward their best drivers, and offer constructive feedback for their staff’s careers.

Start exploring what dual dash cams can do for your fleet today.

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