Netradyne continues to introduce new features and enhance existing features to improve Fleet safety and Driver performance. This second portfolio product update is organized into six categories – D-430 Hardware Device, Compound Alerts, Vehicle Groups, Driveri App, Live tracking, and Recommended Coaching all specifically designed to further enhance our video safety platform.

D-430 Device

The next version of D-410, named D-430 is scheduled for launch in the first week of October for Enterprise and large segments and specific vertical segments. The D-430 Device retains all of the advanced features and functionality of its predecessor (D-410 Device), while offering next-level performance with upgraded imaging sensors and inward camera, powerful processing capability, higher accuracy GPS, improved visual object detection and connectivity.


Driveri D-430 device

The features of D-430 that differentiate it from D-410 are:

  • Separate GPS/Wireless Module
  • Powerful and faster NVIDIA Processor
  • CPU – Dual-core Denver 2 64-bit CPU and quad-core ARM A57 complex 
  • GPU – NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture with 256 NVIDIA CUDA cores – 1.3 TFLOPS (FP16) 
  • eMMC Storage [4GB RAM + 128GB eMMC based Storage (Storage expandable up to 256GB)] instead of SD Card
  • Detachable cable for ease of installation

Compound Alerts

Compound Alerts provide fleet managers with more insights into driver behavior to identify higher risk driving behaviors amongst its drivers. Compound alerts add context to existing base alerts and highlight risky driving events. Instead of a fleet manager seeing that a driver was “only” distracted while driving, the manager can now see that the driver was also following too close or had a hard brake event caused by being distracted.

Compound alerts are a combination of two base alerts that occurred closely together in the same minute. The following compound alerts are going to be released as beta alerts to customers in the first week of October:

  • Driver Distracted + Hard Brake: When the driver was distracted for more than a few seconds (talking on phone, looking at phone, or looking down) and braked hard. 
  • Following Distance + Hard Brake: When the driver did not maintain a safe distance with the next vehicle ahead and braked hard. 

Vehicle Groups

The much-anticipated feature Vehicles in Groups is here. Now, Vehicles can also be added to groups similar to drivers. This feature includes several UI changes on the IDMS Portal:  

  • The label “Driver Groups” used anywhere on the IDMS Portal is changed to Groups.
  • Users can now Manage Vehicles similar to how they managed Drivers.
  • Users can assign both Vehicles and Drivers to Groups.

By assigning vehicles to groups, managers and administrators can now view event and vehicle tracking data by group, rather than at the fleet level.

Driveri App

Driveri App helps streamline the coaching workflows by providing weekly coaching sessions to the drivers that are pushed from Driveri. Driveri App is built for driver engagement and coaching. The Driveri App is a tool for both drivers and fleet safety managers to enhance driver safety. It provides drivers with real-time access to improve their overall GreenZone Score and driver ranking.

Drivers can self-coach by reviewing key events with accompanying suggestions on how to improve performance and increase their score.


driveri mobile app greenzone


This app is critical to both fleet managers in their ability to provide timely coaching, and to the driver to understand the true and accurate picture of their driving performance. Fleets that use the app will more quickly realize the benefits of enhanced safety, improved driver data transparency, higher driver retention and better business performance.

Live Tracking

Live Tracking provides greater visibility into vehicle location. Fleets get updates to vehicle location every 10-15 seconds, as compared to Vehicle locator which updates every 20-25 minutes. Live Tracking also shows a configurable bread crumb trail for the selected vehicle. Both the Vehicle Locator and Live Tracking features have received an updated, modern interface that also makes it easier for users to identify vehicles.


driveri live tracking image



The following changes have been introduced on the Live Tracking/Vehicle Locator pages:

  • Users can now sort vehicles based on Vehicle Number in addition to Last Response Time.
  • Green and brown colored vehicle icons are displayed to indicate the last Engine On and Engine Off status on the map, respectively.
  • The vehicle number is associated with the vehicle icon and is always visible.
  • Vehicle information is shown when hovering over the vehicle icon.

Recommended Coaching

We hear from fleet managers everyday that knowledge and information alone are NOT power. Too much information can cause confusion. What’s important is understanding the HOW, WHY, and WHEN to apply this knowledge. 

Recommended coaching takes the guesswork out of coaching.  Currently, fleet and safety managers must manually review the driver or alert pages in the Netradyne portal to determine who to coach.  This takes time and it’s a multi-step process that involves reviewing GreenZone Scores and/or high alert rates, and then adding alerts to a coaching session, and selecting the drivers to coach.  

Recommended coaching is a significant update to our coaching process as it allows us to present high-quality data, which is more representative of the driver’s driving behaviours while at the same time making it much easier for fleets to know who to coach.   

The Managed Coaching Sessions page has been enhanced to allow the user to choose to either view ONLY the recommended coaching sessions that were recommended by the system or view all coaching sessions for all drivers. Users can get additional detail on the primary reasons this driver was recommended for coaching.  

Recommended coaching is another step in our efforts to make the portal and associated processes more efficient for fleets and their users.     

Final Thoughts  

If you are not a Netradyne customer yet, hopefully this series will make clear the key aspects separating Netradyne from legacy approaches – the system is tailored to the fleet’s needs and is automatically updated without the burden of an upgrade cycle.  


 This is a summary of new features and enhancements.

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