On average, a typical long-haul truck will spend nearly 500 minutes per day driving down the road, accumulating hundreds to thousands of data insights on the way. The best fleet management software on the market tracks and manages these insights for fleet managers in a way that can minimize expenses while maximizing efficiency and driver potential. But what exactly needs to be considered when it comes time to choose the best fleet management software?

A comprehensive, top-of-the-line fleet management software will give you the total picture on how you are performing. The best fleet management software solutions can reduce risky driver behavior and driving incidents, protect against false claims, and empower drivers with rewarding features that increase safe driver decision-making.

With so many different fleet management software products on the market, it can be challenging to pick one that best fits your budget and needs.

Let’s examine how to make the right decision in five simple steps.

1. Ease of Use

Any fleet management software you consider using should automatically increase your operational efficiency while saving you time. An intuitive fleet management software should be easy to install while quickly giving you access to the data and insights you need once it’s up and running.

So, while the prospect of upgrading your fleet management system can seem like a daunting task, Netradyne’s Driveri system helps bridge the gap between fleet managers and drivers with a simple, innovative platform that increases efficiency and driver safety. Its user-friendly interface gives both drivers and managers access to the GreenZone score via Driveri’s mobile app, providing dynamically calculated results at the click of a button. This allows drivers to instantly self-coach so they can quickly adjust risky behaviors and continue to practice safe behaviors, any time anywhere.

2. Simple Implementation

How easy is it to plug and play? That’s the question you should be asking yourself. Not all fleet management softwares are created equal, here’s why.

With a four-camera system that captures both the inside and outside of the vehicle in real-time, Driveri’s installation process is simple, as is understanding the insights it reveals. The vision-based system consists of a pair of front-facing, interior and side Quad HD cameras for unmatched high quality video recording with real-time event playback.

Once the camera system is installed, Driveri immediately begins to produce actionable insights that will enable each fleet manager to quickly see exactly how a driver is performing. The high-definition cameras offer clear visibility into speed limit signs, stop lights, stop signs, pedestrians and objects that other cameras won’t spot.

3. Data Insights

Implementing a new fleet management system can give you access to loads of useful data about your fleet, though sometimes too much of a good thing can feel overwhelming or even produce negative results. Having a dynamic system that uses its cutting-edge AI to help fleet managers interpret that data is the key. It helps to make more informed decisions about operations that can be crucial in improving driver safety and building trust.

“Technology changes so fast, and we wanted to be two steps ahead in that regard. And the real-time aspect was key: both the immediate access to video and the driver scoring.”
– Amanda Gallegos Director of Risk Management

The Driveri device features Edge Computing for real-time data analysis, insights, and alerts. Up to 100 hours of footage can be stored on the device, with all event videos automatically and immediately provided in the management portal. And the best part is there’s no need to dig through huge piles of data or implement a data scraping device—the portal highlights the essential information you need to take corrective action or reward your driver, right through the app.

4. Mobile App

With most drivers spending more than 500 minutes a day driving down the road, a telematics solution that offers a mobile app is necessary for fleet managers and drivers alike when choosing the best fleet management software.

The Driveri mobile app goes above and beyond in this aspect by introducing GreenZone® score, which highlights proactive driving events by allocating DriverStars, which add points to the driver’s score. This is easy to check on-the-go, while managers can view the location of each vehicle.

“We recommend that drivers use the mobile app—it’s so much easier if they’re getting the info real-time. Once they see the data, they know what to do.”

– Rod Cooper, CEO

With dynamically calculated GreenZone scores available on the Driveri app, fleet managers can track how each individual driver is performing compared to their fleet average and notify drivers when they reach key milestones. Drivers themselves can self-coach over the app by reviewing key events, while the app’s Virtual Coach feature sends a weekly push alert to drivers to review their sessions via the app. The calculated driver scores provide an easy way for fleet managers to reward drivers with bonuses or prizes.

5. Reporting

Successful fleet management is all about the underlying numbers which power your transport; having hard data and good insights can help your fleet maximize its efficiency when you make the best choices for maintenance and operations. Driveri’s automated insights give you the researching tools you need to analyze your fleet operations and make improvements, which your wallet will thank you for.

Fleet managers can agonize over the true total cost of ownership (TCO), but the use of industry-leading AI-based fleet management technologies like telematics can reduce costs by 10-40 percent while additionally reducing downtime by 50 percent, maximizing your potential profitability.

Final Thoughts

There are many factors that fleet managers must take into account when selecting the best fleet management software, but a data-driven solution from Netradyne like Driveri has you covered. With a comprehensive platform that uses industry-leading technology to produce data insights and a driver-friendly incentive system, Netradyne offers a clear path ahead for your fleet of the future.

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