When AIOI USA was founded, the company set on a mission to revolutionize the on-demand mobility transportation industry by creating cutting edge technology, and specialized insurance products all while using advanced data science to manage risk, “right-size” insurance costs, and prepare for the evolution of mobility transportation. The company consistently develops new data products and services for the future of transportation and the on-demand mobility industry.

With the future in mind and their commitment to safety, AIOI recently decided to take their vision to the next level by partnering with Netradyne. The company researched and vetted a handful of video-based technology solutions and ultimately selected the advanced AI-based Driveri® solution to improve safety and gain a better contextual understanding of the environment around driving evaluation.

“The ability of the Netradyne platform to capture many of the events we find most informative from a risk analytics perspective at a high-level of detail allows our data science work to deliver unique insights and critical information.” said Craig Lozofsky, COO at Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Services USA.

Driveri combines AI with video, onboard sensors and Edge Computing to detect, reason, and determine the causality of events. The driver-first approach provides helpful alerts and positive feedback to help drivers stay safe and engaged. The HD cameras and advanced AI object detection enable Driveri to deliver real-time, detailed data that AIOI will use to better assess driving risk and fleet safety in full context, supporting AIOI’s vision to provide premier data-driven insurance solutions for innovative fleet applications.

Focused driver, driving a car with fleet safety technology.

Key Takeaways

  • AIOI chose Netradyne Driveri to better understand risk to achieve better rates for safe drivers, benefitting drivers & fleet owners in many ways.
  • Driveri provides next-level understanding: video, object ID, context in which cars are operating.
  • AIOI needed more detailed, granular data, which enabled them to measure things they weren’t able to measure before in order to understand the dynamics of driving.

Interested in Driveri technology? We’d be happy to discuss how Netradyne can help your organization.

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