When John Sharp founded Sharp Transport in 1979 with just one tractor he couldn’t have foreseen the changes to come over the next forty years, but the company has always placed a premium on driver safety. John has long known that drivers make hundreds of decisions every day and that families are counting on them to come home safely.

That commitment to safety has meant the company is always evaluating new technologies to help protect people and property. “Prior to purchasing the Netradyne Driveri system for our fleet, we relied on crash mitigation systems to report unsafe driving behavior and crash data,” said Keith Wilson of Sharp Transport. For Sharp, the focus on coaching drivers without causing turnover remains an important goal. To address that the company emphasizes transparency throughout the entire process.

“The coaching portion catalogues video generated from driver alerts and allows us to focus on frequency and the most serious events.” Building trust with drivers includes helping them even while they sleep. “We have the outward facing cameras set to record for 10 hours after the truck is off. This has allowed us to capture parking lot crashes while the driver is sleeping.”

While there are many systems Sharp could have chosen, the video quality of Driveri D-410 was a key difference maker. “We vetted several camera systems and decided on Netradyne for the quality of video, ease of use platform and the four-camera system,” said Wilson. “The forward camera is 1080p resolution and captures incredibly clear video.”

Quality coaching and technology aside, for all fleets, the system is only as good as the results. So far for Sharp they have been impressive. “I am happy to report that our accident rates have dropped 125%.”

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