Sample Consent - In-Cab Safety Features

This document is a sample only. This document may not comply with the laws, rules and regulations in your applicable jurisdiction(s), please confer with your attorney.

This Consent Form (“Consent Form”) applies to the undersigned’s use of the Netradyne Driver•i. The undersigned represents and warrants that the undersigned has reached the age of majority and has the legal capacity to execute this Consent Form. You have been advised and understand that your employer or contractor utilizes Driver•i devices in its vehicles, and that Driver•i devices process outward-facing and inward-facing sensor data for certain purposes, including to detect safety events and create aggregated alert metrics. You understand that your fleet may have configured certain of its Driver•i devices so that in-cab safety features are enabled.


While you are driving, video data from the inward-facing image sensor will be processed by the Driver•i device and may determine that you are alert, focused, engaging in an unsafe driving behavior, such as distracted driving (for example, talking on your cellphone, reading or sending texts, or otherwise not paying attention to the road ahead of you), drowsiness, and whether you are wearing a seatbelt. If the Driver•i device detects that you are engaging in unsafe driving behavior, it may alert you directly (‘in-cab audio feedback’), may keep track of what percentage of your driving time you are alert, focused or otherwise driving safely or unsafely, and may communicate such data to you and/or your safety manager.

Data Retention

Netradyne and your employer or contractor retains the personal information collected from you for as long as necessary for the intended purposes. To support your employer’s or contractor’s use of detected safety events, the inward-camera image data and derived safety event data is typically retained according to the following schedule. When no event is detected, image data is overwritten on the device within a period of time configured by your employer or contractor, which may be up to 200 hours of drive time. When an event is detected, image data may be uploaded to the cloud and will be retained for up to four months. In either case, inferences based on processing of the image data are typically uploaded to the cloud and are retained for up to 13 months.

You may be able to request deletion of image data or derived inference data prior to the end of those periods, but your request may be subject to approval by your employer or contractor. Your employer or contractor may retain a copy of certain image data or derived inference data for additional purposes, such as to comply with a court order.

In addition, as explained below, some inward-camera image data may be de-identified and retained by Netradyne for as long as permitted by law to improve Netradyne’s services.

Use of Images of You To Improve In-cab Safety Features

Netradyne may retain deidentified images of you (that are not stored with your name or other identifiers) and may use such deidentified images for the purpose of improving Netradyne’s in-cab safety features. You may opt-out of the use of images of you to improve Netradyne’s in-cab safety features. If you choose not to allow Netradyne to retain deidentified images of you for the purpose of improving Netradyne’s in-cab safety features, then Netradyne’s in-cab safety features may not work as accurately as they would otherwise for you and for other people having a similar appearance. You may opt-out of this use and still use in-cab safety features by contacting

You understand that such opt-out(s) will apply only to images of you collected and retained after your opt-out request has been received. Your opt-out would not apply to images collected before the opt-out request has been received because the images are deidentified and can no longer be associated with the requestor.

For more information on how Netradyne uses, stores and retains personal information, please review the Netradyne Privacy Policy at or email