United Kingdom, April 22, 2024: Netradyne, a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI) technology for fleet and driver safety, announces its expansion into the U.K. market. The company has partnered with Intelex, a leading provider of aftermarket vehicle safety solutions based in Birmingham, to revolutionise the landscape of vehicle safety solutions in the region.

Driver•i, the company’s vision-based safety camera system, uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and edge computing to create new safe driving standards for commercial vehicles. It reduces unsafe driving incidents, protects against false claims, and empowers drivers through both recognition (for safe driving manoeuvres) and coaching (for risky driving behaviour).

The collaboration between Netradyne and Intelex marks a substantial leap forward in advancing road safety and fleet management. Through the integration of Driver•i with Fleetly, logistics organisations gain access to a holistic vehicle safety solution that amalgamates cutting-edge telematics, video analytics, AI-powered insights, walkaround checks, vehicle diagnostics, and tachograph live with remote downloads.

By combining Netradyne’s industry-leading Driver•i with Intelex’s Fleetly platform, we are confident in delivering improved driver safety and fleet management efficiency to U.K. fleet operators.” Said Durgadutt Nedungadi, Sr. Vice-President for International Business at Netradyne, “GreenZone, our unique Driver Scoring System based on positive reinforcement, provides a holistic view of entire fleet and drivers while motivating drivers to adopt defensive driving practices, ultimately making U.K. roads safer for everyone.

Known for its innovation, Netradyne’s Driver•i goes beyond the standard video telematics features and equips the fleet operators with compound alerts, high and low g-force detection, weather alerts, and Safety Manager based on generative-AI, making Netradyne solution unique in the space.

We are excited to partner with Netradyne to offer a holistic vehicle safety solution that leverages the power of Driver•i and Fleetly”, said Mallesh Cheekoti, Managing Director at Intelex Systems. “This partnership represents our shared commitment to providing cutting-edge technology that enhances safety and efficiency for fleets of all sizes. We aim to set new vehicle safety and fleet management standards for the U.K. market.

Netradyne’s Driver•i captures and analyses 100% of drive time and delivers crisp high-resolution videos. This can make all the difference when defending a driver in an accident and helps ensure fleet operators have the complete story. Due to the analysis of the whole day driving, Netradyne surpasses other providers in data collection, culminating in training highly precise AI models and achieving up to 99% accuracy. With over 12 billion driving miles analysed already, Netradyne’s highly precise AI models reduce the false alerts significantly and help fleet managers gain the confidence of drivers while providing the most accurate analytics.

About Intelex:

Intelex Systems is a prominent provider of aftermarket vehicle safety solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of products designed to enhance road safety and fleet management. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Intelex delivers cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency on the road.

About Netradyne:

Netradyne is a global provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for fleet safety. With a focus on creating safer driving experiences, Netradyne offers innovative solutions that utilise AI and machine learning to analyse driver behaviour and road conditions in real-time. The company is committed to enhancing road safety and improving fleet management efficiency.

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