Improve Fleet
Safety Performance

Monitor fleet & driver safety in real-time using the fleet dashboard.

Trucking fleet improving safety with netradyne fleet safety performance dashboards

Immediate Fleet Safety Performance Improvements

The Fleet Dashboard is the most intelligent way to monitor fleet performance. In a single glance, understand risky and proactive drivers and get instant access to videos in the event of a collision. With this information at your fingertips, make more informed business decisions that impact the bottom line and save lives.

Driver Alerts

Perception is Power

Gain visibility into driver behavior across your fleet. Proactively monitor and capture events to review in real-time and make informed decisions that impact driver retention and performance.
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Get driver performance alerts in the fleet safety performance dashboard
Automated Coaching

Connect, Collaborate, Empower

Engage with drivers using a balance of positive and supportive comments, and constructive feedback to build productive relationships.
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Automatically coach drivers to improve fleet driver performance
Driveri App

Improve Driver Engagement

Empower drivers to take ownership of their driving behavior by providing access to video data, metrics, and intra-fleet rankings. Drivers can self-coach by reviewing key events with accompanying suggestions on how to improve performance.
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Drivers can use the netradyne driver app to monitor driver scores and complete automated coaching

Exonerate Drivers & Protect from Litigation

See the full context and always have video evidence to protect your company and drivers. Request video-on-demand, review, and share in just minutes.
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Exonerate drivers and get instant access to fleet safety videos
Full Visibility

Real-time Clarity with Alert Preview

Managers can quickly see exactly how each driver is performing with real-time alerts to ensure visibility to drivers’ behavior that require action.
Real-time access to performance alerts in the fleet safety dashboard

GreenZone®: The Industry Standard in Driver Scoring & Recognition

GreenZone® is the first and only driver score built on positive driving

Netradyne GreenZone Score built on positive driving recognition

Create a Benchmark for Success

Fleet performance is more than just analyzing risk. The GreenZone score holistically represents real-time driver performance down to a single number. Gain instant visibility into driver ranking and make more informed decisions about driver feedback.

Recognize, Reward & Promote

DriverStars make it easy to recognize and promote drivers by automatically identifying examples of positive driving behavior.

Customer Success Stories

Veriha Trucking

“The ability to compare a DriverStar (proactive driving event) to a hard-braking event; Veriha has an average of 21x more “good” than “bad” events.”

Stewart Transport

“Just one incident for which we were exonerated paid for all the Netradyne cameras. Exonerations go a long way. The cameras actually become a retention tool.”

Commonly Asked Questions

Why is fleet safety important?

Fleet safety is essential to protect your organization and drivers from risk. The program defines the policies to follow to ensure road safety and prevent accidents. With fleet vehicle accidents on the rise, it’s pertinent to establish a program.

How can you improve fleet safety?

  • Utilize a video-based safety solution – AI technology provides real-time insights into driver and road behavior.
  • Reward safe drivers – Implement an incentives program to reinforce positive driving behavior. Show them what they should be doing.
  • Develop a safety-culture – Attract the right drivers by demonstrating the benefits of fleet safety and its importance.

What are some important elements of fleet safety?

A fleet safety program has many elements with specific functions. Here are some to consider:

  • Hire the right drivers – Choose drivers who have the skills to drive safe and who will cultivate safe driving behaviors.
  • Make a plan – Define the goals for the fleet safety program and choose the tactics to put in place.
  • Implement your fleet safety program – Be transparent about the details and new fleet safety policy to drivers.
  • Improve driver behavior – Consistently train drivers to follow fleet safety rules and provide coaching methods.
  • Grow a positive safety-culture – Reward drivers for safe and proactive behavior. You can see positive behavior through Netradyne’s solution.
  • Ensure vehicle maintenance – Invest in proper vehicle care to maintain vehicle performance.

What is the difference between fleet safety and fleet management?

  • Fleet safety- This program develops the policies to enable a safe work environment and protect employees.
  • Fleet management – This is referred to as the course your organization takes to manage all fleet information.

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