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At Netradyne, we believe that professional drivers are exceptionally good at what they do. We also believe that through the power of positive reinforcement, good drivers can expedite their path to becoming great.

That’s why we’re giving out two awards and two motorcycles!

The Great Driving Award

This award is for a driver who demonstrated exceptional skill in avoiding a risky situation on the road.

Top GreenZone Score Award

This award is for a driver who has the highest GreenZone Score over a 30 day period.

We will choose two winners for each award and give them each a new motorcycle of their choice (up to $25k!) To nominate a driver, fill out this short form and include a clip of great driving and/or a screenshot of a great GreenZone Score.

When we have our finalist for the awards, you’ll get to vote! The videos will be embedded below – so check back often!