D-215 Quick Installation Guide

Driver∙i® is an AI powered vision based IoT system, sold as a product to fleets. The device is installed in trucks/cars behind the rear-view mirror. The power is supplied from the car battery through a custom power cable. The device is capable to connect with the OBD II/J1939 of the vehicle to collectthe vehicle data.

When the vehicle is being driven, the road facing camera is enabled by default. The camera records and generates real time safety alerts to assist the driver. The camera facing the driver/passenger is optional due to privacy requirements and enabled at customers’ request.

The recorded videos are processed (using our patented machine learning algorithms) on the device together with the other sensor data and can detect any events related to driving behavior and driver behavior.

When an event is detected, an alert together with the supporting processed data is uploaded to the cloud dashboard where the events and related data can be accessed by the fleet manager. The device has 1 button on the bottom side of the device, when pressed creates alerts which are user generated. 2 LEDs on driver facing side indicate the current operational state of device & also indicate privacy setting (driver facing camera recording stat).

Step 1

Mount the Driver•i Camera

Select mounting location. Consider the following points in order of importance:

  • Driver vision and no obstructions for inward and outward camera.
  • Place within the windshield wiper swipe zone.
  • Place as close to vehicle centerline as possible while considering points a. and b.
  • Once location is determined, use the 99% Alcohol wipe to clean the area. Wipe away residue with dry, clean, lint free cloth.
Note – Under cold/humid climate conditions, you may need to defrost the windshield to reach approximately 72F for good VHB adhesion eliminate excess moisture. Wipe with clean cloth again.
  • Remove the protective cover on the 3M VHB tape. Attach to windshield after making sure the device is lined up and in level with the road and side-to-side. Remove the device from the bracket and apply pressure to brackets for VHB adhesion.

Step 2

Routing and securing the Driver•i power cable

Route cable across top of windshield on the driver’s side and down the windshield next to the Driver’s side A-Pillar, securing it by using the provided clips. After cleaning the area with the provided 99% alcohol wipe, attach the clips to the windshield approximately every 12 inches (using the larger ones for the first section with the 3/8 inch split loom/convoluted tubing and the smaller ones for the section without the split-loom/convoluted tubing).

Step 3

Connecting the adapter cable to the power source of the Vehicles’ 9-pin Deutsch Diagnostic Port

Connect the green 9-pin diagnostic port adapter cable to the end of the D-215 cable and plug it into the Truck’s 9-pin diagnostic port. Secure all cables with the provided zip ties.

If cable is over the top of or near the vehicle pedals, extra caution should be used and it is recommended to use extra zip-ties when securing the cables near the driver’s pedals in case of zip-tie failure.

Step 4

Use the installer app for system verification, pair Driver•i to vehicle, test audio and stream camera views for final validation.

Download the Netradyne “Driver•i Installer App” and make sure it is on version 5.12 or higher. Login to the Installer App using the credentials provided and then follow the in-app steps to connect. Once connected, check to make sure you have all green check marks within the Diagnostic’s screen that automatically comes up once connection is made, if a Red X is shown for any item, press the “Retry” button and if a Red X is present, there may be an issue in which support is needed. If all is good with all green check marks, please continue with the steps below:

  • Press the “Pair Driver•i with this Vehicle” button and fill in the information and then press the “Upload Installer App Report” button. Once completed or report is successfully uploaded, then…
  • Press the “Test Audio” button to test/hear audio voice of the Driver•i
  • Press the “Cameras” button and view the live stream of the outward and inward views, adjusting the camera to ensure that the outward view only captures very little of the vehicle hood and the inward camera sees the driver’s head and left shoulder.
  • Lastly, press the “Close Connection and Reboot Driver•i” button and then your Driver•i Installation is complete.