STS Recycling and Insurica

STS Recycling and INSURICA Team Up to Tackle Safety

The concept of in-cab cameras was not new to STS Recycling when they decided to install Driver•i® in June of 2019. They had been kicking around the idea for 4-5 years, but the project was on the backburner due to cost and the potential for negative feedback from drivers.

Key Point 1

Build trust with transparency:
Give drivers visibility to their
performance metrics so they can
manage their progress.

Key Point 2

Coaching vs. managing:
Provide drivers with timely,
relevant feedback about how
they can be the best at their job.

Key Point 3

Celebrate success:
Share and reward great driving.

STS revisited the idea of cameras while working with their insurance broker INSURICA’s Risk and Safety consultant, Kevin Riley. With a solid safety culture in place, investing in an AI safety program to help facilitate coaching, and provide actionable data, was a natural fit for STS.

Gaining Driver Buy In

Since driver retention was still a concern, it was important to get drivers on board early in the process. STS management knew implementing cameras was the right thing to do, but needed to assure drivers they wouldn’t constantly watch them on the job. Wayne Larson aka “Coach”, STS’ Safety and Compliance Director was also able to point to his own experience with cameras placed throughout their offices and workspaces. At the time of installation, drivers were “50/50” on the idea – not excited but understood it was best for the company.
Gaining Driver Buy In

The Benefits of Transparency

With the Driver•i® Mobile App, drivers gained visibility to their own GreenZone scores and ranking among their peers. A real-time metric, the GreenZone score calculates safe driving performance. With the app, drivers could see their violations and DriverStar® (good driving) events that contributed to their scores. This transparency has been a big contributor to the company’s overall improvement. Tom Lemke, who manages trucking and logistics for STS has constant contact with drivers throughout the day. He’s witnessed drivers improve themselves when it comes to driving habits noting that they didn’t always know when they were making mistakes. “[Driver•i®] makes drivers more aware of opportunities to make themselves better drivers.” Driver Rashad Hollis agrees, stating “Once I see it, I can go in and fix whatever I need on my own.”

“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”

Once Driver•i® was installed, Larson had visibility to what drivers faced day-to-day, and gained confidence when communicating with drivers. “One driver hit a hawk and it was caught on camera. We viewed the video and knew the situation right away. Instead of spending time trying to figure out what happened, we immediately sent the driver to get the windshield fixed,” Larson shared. He also noted multiple incidents when driver alerts were created for hard braking. The video showed the alerts were due to drivers maneuvering to prevent accidents. They were able to praise the drivers instead of reprimanding them. Additionally, STS once had a driver recognition program that Larson admits was somewhat subjective because there wasn’t a lot of visibility to driver activity. With Driver•i®, it became clear who the high and low performers were.

If you line up our drivers and ask them if it’s made them better drivers, I think everyone would admit that it has.

— “Coach” Wayne Larson

Successful Performance Coaching

For STS, Performance Coaching has always been a part their safety culture. By approaching drivers with the belief that they can achieve 100% of their potential, there is a trust among drivers that any interaction is to help them and the company. Coach (Larson) likes to have face-to face interaction with drivers to help support and guide drivers. “Once they know what they need to do, they pretty much change on their own, you sometimes just have to walk them through it.” Hollis adds “When the system came out, I wasn’t the highest performer, but now I consistently get high scores….. it has improved everyone. We’re on a higher scale as a team.”

Successful Performance Coaching

STS Recycling drivers maintain a high level of performance when it comes to safety.

At first everyone was 50/50, but it’s improved our driving skills so much. Anything you do you want to be great in,especially if you love what you’re doing.

— Rashad Hollis

Game On

Now, as part of their safety program, STS has a weekly contest for the highest GreenZone score. “It’s only $25, but you would think it was a lot more than that with how competitive everyone is. I think it’s just because it feels good to win and have everyone know that you’re the best,” shared driver Jamal Hardy. Coach concurs with how competitive the group is, “They’re so competitive, you’d be surprised how motivating that gift card is every week. If I don’t send a text out about who won by 9 AM on Mondays, we hear it from all of the drivers.”

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