Fuchs Trucking

Investing in Driveri® is a Win-Win for Fuchs Trucking Management and Drivers.


Like most other fleet operators, Fuchs management finds it difficult to manage conflicting accounts of driving events. Many times, even when the other party is at fault, it’s still up to the driver to prove their innocence. Jay Doescher, the president of Fuchs Trucking, was looking for an advanced technological solution to eliminate the “he said – she said” scenarios, especially in today’s litigious environment.

Doescher, a former manufacturing technology executive, witnessed machine learning technology in his prior career and believed it could have a positive impact on his trucking operation. In seeking a solution to improve driver performance within his fleet he found that legacy trigger-based systems were lacking compared to today’s technological possibilities. Doescher was looking for advanced technology to create a transparent view of his fleet.


Doescher turned to Netradyne Driveri to implement a driver rewards program, actively manage performance for drivers at risk of termination, and assisting training of new hires. Driveri is installed in trucks of drivers with the least experience as well as those that could use some assistance in improving their driving skills.

Additionally, any Fuchs driver can opt-in to the program in order to achieve bonus-worthy GreenZone scores. A driver has the opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars monthly based on their driving performance. With the highly competitive industry to fill driver’s seats, their program is now a key component of a bonus structure that improves safety and rewards drivers.

One important factor in choosing a video solution Doescher wanted to avoid was the feeling of Big Brother
as the key message from the company is complete transparency with drivers. Doescher likens Fuchs’s safety program to a video game where the drivers are rewarded for playing and winning.

The heavy lifting of analyzing hours of video is done by the Driveri system, which automatically calculates scores based on driver behavior.

We believe that our drivers are as interested in safety and managing their performance as we are. The Driveri program has given our company the opportunity to recognize our high performers and invest in those that could use some additional training.

– Jay Doescher, President of Fuchs Trucking


About Fuchs Trucking

Founded in 1955 by LeRoy and William Fuchs, Fuchs Trucking is a dry van and reefer operation with an outstanding reputation with its customer base and in the community. They started with just one straight truck ana one tractor-trailer that transported livestock and forest products.

After 60 years of growth, the Fuchs family wanted to continue to support the Sauk community and transferred the ownership to local entrepreneurial families. Fuchs Trucking now has over 100 employees, 85 tractor-trailers, 175 dry van trailers, 5 reefer trailers and 45 Driveri® units installed.