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Lamb Fuels Prioritizes Driver Safety with Driver•i Technology

Taking on Something New

Lamb Fuels Inc., a well-established petroleum transport hauler, was looking to improve driver safety and customer service with video safety technology. Jeff Lisowski, Lamb Fuels general manager, understood the transportation industry was making the upgrade to more intuitive safety cameras. Lamb Fuels chose Driver•i, Netradyne’s AI-powered video camera, as it is the only safety solution that captures and analyzes one-hundred percent of drive time and is designed with positive reinforcement capabilities.

Road and In-Cab Safety

After Lamb Fuels installed Driver•i safety cameras, the company was able to record every incident and take on claims with confidence. The company uses the D-410 model, which has road-facing and inward-facing cameras, left and right side cameras, and a rear camera for each vehicle. Driver•i gives the company a 360-degree view of what’s happening on the road and keeps drivers safe by being their advocate when a not-at-fault accident occurs.

“Netradyne’s [cameras] are on another level; you have 1080 HD out the front, with the ability to see all the vehicles and the following distance. Plus with Netradyne’s camera, you have those two smaller cameras that face out the side windows, that was a big plus too.”

– Jeff Lisowski, General Manager of Lamb Fuels

Driver•i captures compliance violations like traffic light infractions, speeding, failing to use a seatbelt, and following a vehicle too close. The driver is alerted through in-cab audio alerts to correct these violations. When drivers make these corrections or maintain safe driving behavior, they are rewarded through their GreeenZone Score. Over the last year, drivers have increased their compliance scores due to these in-cab audio alerts. As shown by the graph below, Lamb Fuels drivers adhere to 99.5%+ of traffic lights they come across.

Traffic Light Violations – Severe & Moderate

Distracted driving is a serious issue plaguing the roads. It has resulted in over 3,000 deaths, according to the National Safety Council (NSC) analysis of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2020. This issue facing the trucking industry was tackled through dash cam video capturing if and when a driver was looking at their phone or when a driver was focused on the road. As a result, Lamb Fuels drivers have a 0.25% distracted driving average, which is an improvement showing that drivers are not distracted 99.5% of the time. “There’s less distraction which helps repeat risky drivers,” said Lisowski.

Driver Distraction – Severe & Moderate

Reduce Risk and Retain Drivers

At first, the safety cameras were not entirely accepted by Lamb Fuels drivers, but Lisowski got his drivers on board with an incentive program. “To entice the drivers, we sent out a $100 incentive for whoever had the highest driver score at the end of the month. We had one driver who won the prize eight months out of twelve,” said Lisowski. By rewarding their drivers, they became more proud of their GreenZone Scores (driver score). The inward-facing cameras became a critical tool to help drivers reduce distractions and improve driving behavior without the need for managers to review.

Through the Driver•i GreenZone Scores, Lamb Fuels drivers have a better understanding of their individual performance. They have autonomy over the areas they need to improve in and take pride in where they perform well. A score above 850 (out of 1,000) is the target. Lamb Fuels drivers have met the 850 and above benchmark since 2021.

Drivers & Fleet Goals

(Number of Drivers Above and Below Fleet Goal)

With the visual of a positive GreenZone Score, the dash cams became a recognition tool rather than an invasive monitoring system. This increase in recognition resulted in drivers striving for higher scores, therefore, driving safer. Over the last 12 months, driver scores have maintained an average of 855, which continues to trend up.

Average Fleet GreenZone Score

Lisowski’s team coaches their drivers with the recorded videos from Driver•i footage. Then, if there is a coachable moment, Lisowski or his safety manager sends off a quick email with the recorded video capturing the risky driving behavior directly to the driver. This makes communication between fleet managers and drivers efficient and effective.

“That’s where Netradyne shines in a lot of ways.”

– Jeff Lisowski, General Manager of Lamb Fuels

Lamb Fuels can meet and exceed driver safety expectations by being transparent with their drivers and offering incentives for high safety scores. The adoption of the Netradyne dash cams has resulted in better performance from drivers, increasing the quality of service for lamb Fuels.

About Lamb Fuels

Lamb Fuels is a petroleum transporter company based in southern California. The company was first established by Virginia Lamb in the 1980s and continues to strive for high-quality service and compliance. Their additional services include aviation fuel transport and fuel recovery solutions for surplus and recyclable fuels.