Driver Empowerment Takes the Lead


Trailiner Corporation is no stranger to fleet technology. The carrier used safety cameras for some time but were left with gaps and ready for a more advanced system. Then the sunsetting of 3G technology expedited their search. What caught their attention about Netradyne’s Driveri system was the positive recognition feature for drivers and the ability to see the true cause of events. They also found that the inward-facing dash cams were key to team driving; this would enable drivers to receive the correct videos and alerts.

The company chose the 2-camera device option (D-210), front facing and inward facing, because the smaller form factor fit better in their trucks. They switched both ELD and camera providers at the same time and found the process seamless. Anthony Meloy, training and recruiting manager for Trailiner, says, “It was simple to pull one camera out and put the other one in. It took little time to learn the new dashboard, and overall, it was an easy process.”

Nick Grome, Director of Sales at Netradyne, says, “During the trial we quickly identified speeding as the most frequent alert, so we recommended they turn on the audible in-cab warning for speeding. This made the drivers aware of their risky behavior and allowed them to self-correct. Once the speeding issue was under control, we next focused on proper following distance metrics.”

The drivers were nervous about the AI technology in the Driveri cameras at first, especially since they enabled the inward-facing camera. Meloy asked for volunteers to get the first set of cameras installed in their trucks. Then, he gave them an anonymous forum to share their thoughts. He also explained that AI technology should be preferable to having a human review their driving. And, once they realized the AI provided the ability to take coaching into their own hands, they were immediately on board.

Meloy says, “It’s steadily starting to work, and they are seeing the benefits. We had a driver with a GreenZone® score of 600, and he increased it to 910 (out of 1000) – he’s taking it seriously.

Now that we have performance insights, we can confidently reward our drivers.

We started a monthly bonus for the top four driver scorers, the driver with the highest following distance, and the one that earns the most DriverStars (points given for proactive driving moves).”

Between the bonuses and the autonomy, Trailiner has seen great improvement and engagement in just a few months. Meloy says the Driveri app has enabled drivers to compete and raise the safety bar across the entire fleet. Their overall GreenZone score increased 10% six months after installation, from 850 to 914 (out of 1,000).

Meloy also says the inward-facing cameras have saved their drivers from prosecution. They had a scenario where the driver of the other vehicle claimed that the Trailiner driver was on his phone. The Driveri footage showed otherwise. Not only were the company and driver saved from litigation, but the driver kept his safe driving score and reputation.

Ultimately, Meloy found that the Driveri platform saves him time and gives his drivers the autonomy to self-coach.

“If they complete their coaching at the end of week, it’s a hands-off deal, unless they have a very serious compound alert or drop below 650. Driveri technology gives them the power to manage themselves,” says Meloy. “It’s more impactful for them to review their own videos, and in real-time. It’s more like homework than taking a trip to the principal’s office. And that’s huge.

— Anthony Meloy, training and recruiting manager, Trailiner

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Trailiner Corp is a for-hire truckload carrier based in Springfield, MO.  With 85 units, they run dry van and reefer loads coast to coast in all 48 states. Family owned and operated since 1955, Trailiner prioritizes safety, dependability, and customer service, and continues to invest in top-of-the-line equipment and technology.