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General Transport Enters the GreenZone with Driveri Safety Cameras

General Transport had been considering safety cameras for some time, to protect the drivers and the company, and they knew the importance of finding the right solution. While testing different cameras, the company found that some cameras stopped working and others used SD cards, which were an inconvenience and in one case, a liability, as the card broke as the driver was handling it.

We needed seamless and worry-free. A colleague recommended Netradyne’s Driveri, and so we tested it out. We really liked the immediate alerts, the coaching and the GreenZone® driver score.

– Karly Becker, Director of Safety

Big Brother? No Thanks

General Transport took measures to help ensure driver acceptance of installing safety cameras. One strategy to get drivers on board was limiting the features available. The company only employed the outward-facing cameras, turned off the inward-facing cameras, and did not record audio. Another strategy was to protect privacy by limiting dashboard access to select managers and using only anonymized videos for training purposes. Most importantly, they proceeded with open and honest communication during the on-boarding process, so drivers knew what to expect.

“The drivers know that cameras are necessary,” said Becker. “What they like about the Driveri system is the driver app, where they can watch their own videos and self-coach. The autonomy this provides is huge; it removes the ‘big brother’ fear.” She also found Driveri’s focus on positive recognition to be helpful in holding balanced conversations with her drivers, 40% of which are owner-operators.

Six Months to Success

Becker implemented a $100 per month “thank you” bonus for drivers whose points exceed the fleet average GreenZone Score. Not only did this result in a 27% increase in the number of drivers above the average driver score, but it also spurred competition between drivers. Becker says some drivers are checking their scores daily, comparing to their peers, and seeking out bragging rights.

Driver scores were not the only thing to improve; safety and compliance increased across the board. Stop sign violations decreased by 57% over a 6-month period, with severe infractions decreasing by 84%.

Traffic light violations had a similar pattern, decreasing by 49%, with severe infractions decreasing by 33%. Because the AI-based Driveri camera “sees” the entire driving day, General Transport receives data not just on how many signal violations they had, but also how many signals are present. This numerator-denominator calculation ensures the most fair and accurate measurement and allows one to understand the percentage improvement, not just the number of infractions.

Becker added, “We recently had an event with the Netradyne system that blew my mind. I got an email notification for a g-force event possible accident. The Netradyne system was so quick that it alerted me to an accident before the driver could even call in. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and it was not our fault, but knowing immediately and having the footage for the claim has really changed the way we handle accidents.”

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