Netradyne is celebrating our 7th anniversary this year! We are honored to have been the chosen fleet management system for so many fleet companies. We have grown through the improvements we made to serve our customers’ dedication to enhancing safety. We’re excited to look back over the last seven years and reflect on how our mission to make the roads safer has been accomplished.    

How We Kept Drivers Safe On the Road

For the last seven years, Netradyne has become a leader in the industry for fleet safety. With the use of AI-powered technology, drivers and fleet managers have improved not only their safety on the road but also how they operate. Our GreenZone Score has helped drivers enhance their safe driving skills and identify areas where they need improving. The score accurately reflects drivers’ overall performance and has given them the positive recognition they deserve for driving safely. 

dashboard managing driver fleet data and showing fleet average score on the right side

In addition to improving how fleet managers define safety, we have helped companies streamline their operations. Through our Driver•i mobile app, managers could coach drivers remotely so drivers did not feel like they were being constantly pulled into the manager’s office. Fleet managers were also able to assign driver videos categorized by alert type to individual drivers. The Managed Coaching section of the dashboard was also updated to help managers better organize the coaching videos and streamline coaching.

Our Accomplishments

The improvements we made to our fleet safety system further support the driver and help fleet managers engage with their team better. By updating our accident alerts to identify high-risk events from low-risk events better, drivers are more accurately advocated for. Also, we’ve enhanced the driver’s privacy by allowing in-cab audio alerts without the inward-facing camera having to be on. Our system brings fleet managers and drivers together to collaborate better on their team’s safety goals. The Driver•i mobile app is an organized platform for fleet managers to assign coaching sessions and for drivers to complete their coaching without interrupting their work day. 

Our Driver•i system and the resources we provide have helped fleet managers define their fleet’s safety standards. Our website has been better equipped to provide users with the information they need to improve their safety programs. We have provided solutions for your insurance, management, and compliance needs in addition to your needs to improve fleet safety. We now support several branches of the transportation industry, spreading our reach to keep drivers of all professions safe on the road. 

Intelligent Fleet Safety and the power of Driveri | Netradyne

Thank You to Our Customers

Netradyne owes our success to our customers and users who constantly work to keep their drivers safe. They have best used our system to retain and recognize their drivers throughout the years. Lamb Fuels was able to offer a $100 incentive to their drivers by using the data from the GreenZone Score to recognize their highest-scoring drivers. This not only sparked friendly competition among the drivers but also engaged drivers in improving their safe driving practices.

Companies like AIM Transportation Solutions and Trailiner used our system to give drivers autonomy over their learning experience. They were transparent with their drivers about how the Netradyne dash cams would not be constantly monitored by a person. Also, they accepted feedback from their drivers to create an open and honest conversation about the dash cams. Netradyne customers go beyond using our system to maintain safety on the road. They use our system to streamline operations, build a strong work culture, and ensure drivers get home safely.     

Here’s to Many More Years 

All thanks to the companies that have chosen Netradyne over these last seven years, we have been able to advance safety technology. We will continue striving for the best to help keep the roads and fleet drivers safe in the coming years. Take the time to learn more about our Driver•i system and how we can help you achieve your safety goals.

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