Rising fuel costs, increased road risks, and the need to coach drivers effectively have small and medium-sized fleets businesses looking for smart technology solutions. The data collected by Netradyne’s recent SMB survey reveal how many decision-makers are addressing these top concerns to better protect their drivers and their businesses.

In part 2 of this blog series, we addressed the challenge of managing operational costs for SMBs. In our final part, we will be sharing how SMB decision-makers are approaching safe driving behavior and why decision-makers are turning to AI technology to help with coaching.

Looking for Smarter Safety Solutions that Fit SMBs

In the past, decision-makers and fleet managers imposed fines or gave various levels of warning to address risky driving behaviors. Many SMBs have found that this strategy was not effective enough to improve the safe driving skills of their drivers. But no one wants to be the bearer of bad news when it comes to addressing the mistake a driver has made. In fact, 58 percent of decision-makers are averse to addressing negative behaviors. Decision-makers are seeking out AI-driving solutions that will help them coach virtually and capture both positive and negative driving behaviors to help balance their feedback. These systems help decision-makers prioritize drivers that need specialized coaching without compromising on efficiency or quality of feedback. Coaching drivers is just one of the many roles SMB leaders take on; having an AI system that helps you maintain the safety of their drivers makes that job easier.

Two truck drivers, a white and black man, looking at a tablet together with a cab semi in the background

SMB decision-makers are actively coaching their drivers. 51 percent say they are coaching their drivers very frequently or all the time. Investing in smart safety technology allows decision-makers to reach their drivers quickly and with more impact on the quality of coaching they can provide. Safe driving software is usually equipped with in-cab audio alerts, so drivers are proactively avoiding collisions, traffic sign recognition, so drivers are recognized for their safe driving, and, in the case of Netradyne’s Driveri®, drivers are rewarded for complying with these alerts and for practicing safe driving. 93 percent of decision-makers have expressed they’d be willing to invest in smart technologies with these features that can save work/time through automation. Decision-makers are finding that AI-powered safety technology will help their businesses take on challenges and protect their drivers in the long run.    

Final Thoughts

The challenges of road risks, cost efficiency, and driver safety are top of my for SMB decision-makers. As shown in this survey, the top solution these decision-makers are choosing is investing in AI technology that can help with fleet operations. If you are part of the 93 percent of decision-makers looking to invest in smart safety technology, take the time to explore Netradyne’s fleet safety solution.

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