In these unsteady times, ensuring your fleet business is as profitable and effective as possible could mean the difference between success and failure. That’s why Netradyne has just unveiled six new solutions – Recommended Coaching, Collision Management, Fleet Safety Report, Fleet Tracking, Backing alert, and MicroWeather Filter – that help you streamline key workflow and gain unprecedented insight into your commercial operations to maximize efficiency!

Features that Help Tackle Fleet Management Challenges, Increasing Safety, and Reducing Costs

These features are designed to help commercial fleets of all sizes address these challenges and better adapt to the ever-changing economic and industry climates.

  • Recommended Coaching is the perfect tool for fleet safety managers to easily manage their driver coaching workflow. It automatically highlights potential problem drivers, provides updates on who needs coaching and when, ensures coached drivers move off of the list quickly, and helps save time and money by bypassing sessions with good scoring and reliable drivers.
  • Collision Management can save time and resources on insurance claims by providing real-time First Notice of Loss (FNOL) information and more precise collision detection. Its integrated, automated tools help commercial fleets reduce litigation, lower costs, and provide HD video capture – all while avoiding delays in the reporting process after an accident has occurred.


  • Fleet Safety Report is a comprehensive tool for fleet owners providing actionable insights into a fleet’s safety-related efforts and making informed decisions about risk reduction. It gives a detailed analysis of driver behaviors, road data, detected events, and more that can aid in negotiating insurance premiums based on actual performances. With this powerful report as evidence of success or areas needing improvement within the fleet’s safety solutions, operators have an easy-to-use resource to better understand where improvements are needed and how discounts may be earned through improved driving habits.
  • Fleet Tracking helps customers keep tabs on their vehicles and fleets for maximum efficiency – giving them the power to monitor activity, create location geofences, receive notifications when a vehicle enters or leaves an area of interest, and even share vital information with important stakeholders. Benefit from increased safety and accuracy while saving time and money along the way.


  • Backing alert, at the driver level, consists of in-cab audio signals that are triggered at manager-defined thresholds for speed and duration, indicating high reversing speed over a too-long period of time. At the fleet level, the Backing Alert reports driver-specific as well as aggregate statistics associated with the occurrences and the frequencies of this type of unsafe driving behavior — in essence, actionable insights that can be used by the fleet and safety managers to inform their coaching initiatives.
  • MicroWeather Filter allows managers to sort alerts by the weather conditions experienced in the immediate vicinity of the Driver•i-enabled vehicle. Consisting of four micro-weather categories — Snow, Rain, Clear, and Unclassified — the feature enables managers to systematically assess alerts and drivers, further optimizing their own time and resources. Netradyne’s AI-enabled dash cam continuously monitors road conditions and classifies the observed weather. Together with the alert videos and other associated data, this information is sent to the cloud.

microweather alert

Final Thoughts

Managing fleet challenges may seem like a herculean task, but Netradyne just made it much easier with their six new solutions. These solutions have major potential for making fleets safer and streamlining operations, from reducing costs and increasing efficiency as well as improving driver compliance.

Above all else, Netradyne’s goal is to maximize the safety of drivers by keeping them out of harm’s way. If you’re looking for an effective way to combat fleet challenges head-on, why not explore Netradyne’s fleet management system today?

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