According to a Consumer Reports analysis, safety technologies in vehicles like lane departure warnings and automatic emergency braking can cut road deaths by half. The number of lives saved annually could go up to 20,500. Another report from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) stated that the addition of safety features has helped with the decline in fatal accidents.

The data is clear – driver safety technology can be a real game-changer for your fleet. But just what does this tech offer to ensure your drivers are kept safe? Discover the advantages of deploying these technologies to reduce accidents, keep costs down, and boost business success!

What Is Driver Safety Technology?

In the industry, it’s commonly referred to as a fleet safety solution providing all the tools to properly manage and operate your business. An example would be Netradyne’s AI technology that gives managers visibility of all fleet activities and drivers a better awareness while they drive. Its technological safety solutions include sensing high-risk driving behaviors in real-time and informing drivers of these instances to avoid them in real-time.

What Driver Safety Technologies Make Vehicles Safer?

Fleets employ various driver safety technologies to improve every driver’s experience. Some of the technologies that make trucks safer are:  

  • Front & Rear Automatic Emergency Braking – This solution reduces front-to-rear car crashes, which is a common accident among trucks. It automates what should be the driver’s response of grabbing the wheel and then holding it steady while standing on the brake. However, this is not a natural response for a driver if you’re going fast on a highway. The technology will prevent a rear end from happening if the driver fails to respond. 
  • Blind-spot Warning (BSW) and Rear Cross-Traffic Warnings This alerts drivers if another vehicle is in the next lane, but they cannot see it on the side and rearview mirrors. The warning sets off an in-cab audio alert giving full visibility to the driver. In turn, this prevents lane change crashes. 
  • Lane-Departure Warnings – Despite the technological advancements and alerts designed to make driving safer, Forbes reports that 21 percent of motorists switch off the lane departure warning systems. This alert system is essential to keeping motorists safe on the road as it helps detects when they may be drifting out of a lane before an accident happens.

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How to Use this Technology to Improve Driving Experience and Safety? 

Implement a Driver Management System

Two truck drivers, a white and black man, looking at a tablet together with a cab semi in the background. Compliance management made easy

A driver management system utilizes cutting-edge technology and advanced capabilities to provide comprehensive visibility to both drivers and fleet managers. AI software analyzes captured dash cam video to inform both drivers and fleet managers of both risky and positive driving behaviors on the road and behind the wheel. 

Consider a Fleet Safety Dash Camera

fleet dash cam with safety alerts

Interior and exterior dash cams provide full visibility of a driver’s behavior, the truck’s performance, and how other cars are driving on the road. Your driver doesn’t have eyes on every detail, so the dash cams act as their 2nd, 3rd, to 5th set of eyes. Drivers are made aware of their surroundings and what they need to work on to prevent future accidents.

Invest in Safety First Technology

Back end of a passenger transit bus on an interstate. Protect your business and fleet with Driver•i camera system solutions

Netradyne’s Driveri® dash cam leverages cutting-edge technology to provide fleet managers full visibility of their operations. AI-powered features are used to capture driver behaviors on the road, both positive and negative – from analyzing vehicle activity in real-time all the way down to a single instance of distracted driving. This invaluable insight is then fathered into one organized platform for easy access so fleet managers can ensure safety standards remain high throughout every journey.

Final Thoughts

Driver safety is always a top priority for those in the transportation industry. By understanding the available driver safety technology and how to best utilize it, you can help create a safer driving experience for your fleet.

Netradyne offers a fleet safety solution that helps improve drivers’ safety without sacrificing fleet efficiency. To learn more about how Netradyne can help you seamlessly implement a fleet safety software solution, click here.

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