Dash cams have become essential for fleet companies. Apart from capturing details during accidents or emergencies, they also analyze data around the vehicle and assist drivers in improving their performance. The data it picks up helps fleet managers build a comprehensive safety program, which boosts ROI and increases growth for the business. Drivers and managers alike can make sound decisions thanks to the details dash cams capture.

So how do you pick the right fleet dash camera for your business? Read to discover what they can do and how to make the best choice.

The Future of Dash Cameras in Fleets

More and more fleets are turning to smart dash cams to improve their fleet operations – in fact, 55 percent of commercial fleets have adopted traditional telematics with 6.5 percent adopting video telematics. With hundreds of vehicles on the road, fleet managers use these dash cams to better manage all vehicles and their respective drivers without sacrificing the quality of service.

The need for fleet automation and to increase driver safety has caused a need for smarter tools like AI-powered dash cams. Unlike regular dash cams, AI-powered dash cams alert drivers of risky behavior and capture positive behavior. They can immediately take corrective action behind the wheel and increase the chances of a safe journey. External smart dash cams can also detect potential accidents that drivers can plan around in case there’s a delay.

Why Invest in Dash Cams?

Smart fleet dash cams are worth the investment for your business and staff. They can help prevent accidents through in-cab audio alerts and improve visibility for your drivers on the road with HD-quality video. Your vehicles are less likely to deal with damage, wear, and tear since they are driven more safely with the dash cam’s assistance.

fleet dash cam with safety alerts

In addition to what you can save on maintenance costs for your vehicles, dash cams can also help protect your business when facing false insurance claims. Reliable video data that captures 100 percent of the drive time will give you the full picture of a risky or safe driving event. The data collected can be used to your company’s advantage when creating long-term cost-effective solutions.

What to Look for When Choosing a Dash Camera

There are a few key factors to consider when selecting the right fleet dash camera:

  • Reliable fleet management software. Having a system that connects you with your team is essential. Features like GPS fleet tracking will help you locate your drivers and vehicles quickly. With route optimization and geofencing capabilities, you are able to run your fleet smoothly.
  • Prioritizes driver safety. Increasing the safety of your drivers improves overall fleet operations and promotes a healthy work culture. Make sure to find a dash cam that advocates for your driver by recognizing their safe driving behavior through a rolling performance score and by accurately capturing when they drive defensively.


Different Camera Configurations

You can choose between two camera configurations for your dash cam system. The first is a 2-camera system, with one facing the road and the other capturing behavior in the cab. The external camera detects potential accidents and blind spots. The internal one can detect distracted driving like drowsiness or checking one’s phone, which in turn alerts them of this behavior.

A 4-camera system provides more visibility on the left and right sides of the vehicle, along with a dual-facing cam to see the inside. The additional cameras provide a fuller picture for the driver, especially when they need to change lanes, turn a sharp curve, or may run into a sudden accident due to limited visibility. The addition of four cameras outside your vehicle results in a 360-degree view, which prevents collisions and gives you more proof for exoneration. Having that level of visibility is crucial in avoiding collisions.

Final Thoughts

Dash cameras are a practical and powerful resource to ensure the safety of both fleets and the people they serve. From security, data collection, compliance management, and much more, they offer incredible value. With so many configurations, specs, features, and benefits it’s important to understand what you should be looking for when choosing the right dash cam for your fleet.

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