The winners of the TCA Fleet Safety Award for 2022 are being awarded at this week’s annual TCA conference! Every fall, companies from across the nation submit applications to be recognized as some of America’s safest fleets.

Through their relentless commitment to driver safety, these organizations are being honored with top honors in their industry – a remarkable achievement that deserves recognition and applause.

What Makes a Fleet Safety Award Winner

Applicants must meet a stringent set of criteria to qualify for the TCA Fleet Safety Award. The winners are selected based on their accident ratios in any given year. This reflects the measures a company took to avoid collisions and how effective their driver training was.  Division winners are subject to an audit for ratio accuracy and invited to compete for one of two grand prizes.

Fleets of various sizes are split into two groups; carriers with an annual mileage of 25 million or fewer miles are in one group, while companies with more than 25 million miles compete in the other. Then the grand prize winners are announced each year at TCA’s Annual Convention.


Impressive Safety Measures 

The TCA Fleet Safety Awards uses the U.S. DOT’s definition of a “recordable accident”, an occurrence involving a commercial motor vehicle operating on a highway in interstate or intrastate commerce that results in a fatality, bodily injury, and/or heavy damage to the vehicles involved. Using smart technology to help increase driver visibility and receive in-cab audio alerts to proactively avoid collisions is just one way an award-winning company may protect its drivers and business.

drive safely

Having full visibility in and around the vehicle has helped our customers’ drivers protect themselves, their vehicles, and others on the road. Using dash cams to enable a 360-degree view around the vehicle ensures that drivers see risky driving events and can take the necessary precautions. Also, fleet managers have access to organized captured video that can be used to coach their drivers on what safety risks they could potentially face on the road. These videos are used as coachable moments that will protect a fleet in the long run.

Drivers are also able to have autonomy in how they improve their safe driving through the dash cam system. With in-cab audio alerts, drivers are given a reminder when a potentially risky driving event occurs. This gives drivers time to make a correction without being penalized. Keeping drivers aware and informed on the road has helped our customers mitigate their accidents.

Final Thoughts

This dedication has certainly made an impact, offering each driver a greater level of confidence and peace of mind. Are you working to be recognized as one of the safest fleets to drive for? Explore how Netradyne’s fleet safety technology helps our customers prioritize safety.

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