Fleet maintenance solution technologies do more than track vehicles. They are the key to preventing truck wear and tear, managing vehicle maintenance costs, and always sustaining your drivers’ safety on the road. The right fleet vehicle maintenance software also provides information you can analyze for risk management, predicting hazards, and tracking driver performance. 

So how exactly will maintenance tracking software help your fleet? Read on to find out and discover the benefits your company will reap in utilizing this tool. 

Why Is It Important to Have Maintenance Tracking Software to Manage Your Fleet? 

A fleet manager ensures smooth business operations that save money and boost profit in the long run. Maintenance tracking software helps managers stay on top of vehicle maintenance costs. Technology does this by assessing the engine use of each vehicle and then plotting its maintenance based on how often it is used. Your company is reminded of regular maintenance of specific vehicles, which is key to preventing future problems and big repairs, especially for older vehicles. Based on this information, you can also calculate the required costs and work based on your budget.  

Because you’re on top of vehicle maintenance, your drivers stay safe on every journey. Navigating tougher weather is smoother with high-quality equipment and a truck that has been checked to function at its best.  

Main Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Solutions  

Prevent Fleet Downtime with Inspections On-the-Go 

A tracking software gathers every journey’s real-time alerts plus any engine idle time. These alerts include instances of defensive driving, road violations like speeding and running a red light, and moments of distracted driving. Based on all this information, you can analyze overall fuel efficiency and how drivers are maximizing their trips. Since everything is in real-time, you can advise drivers to avoid downtime and inspect the vehicle thoroughly upon arrival.

Prepare for Vehicle Maintenance Needs and Repair Costs 

All the available fleet data helps managers anticipate maintenance needs. Besides providing an accurate maintenance schedule across vehicles, managers can plan repairs based on usage and see if the budget meets these requirements. From there, they can account for additional expenses or assess how else the company can save if expensive work needs to be done. Regular maintenance and repair also increase the drivers’ safety, which in effect, also prevents any unnecessary claims. The vehicle is more likely to run smoothly and has lower chances of causing accidents. 

Optimize Fleet Operations in the Long-Term 

The best companies thrive from growing their employees and assets. But managers can’t do this without a proper starting point. The recorded data across your fleet is where one begins in accurately assessing and planning for long-term growth. Start with day-to-day usage data that lets you establish a consistent maintenance schedule. From here, your vehicles will be maintained properly and run smoothly on every journey.  

You can also use the data to prepare a fleet vehicle maintenance checklist for drivers. Ensure all drivers refer to this when checking the vehicle before and after every trip. The checklist ensures preventive maintenance and repairs are addressed. It also remedies any immediate problems that may worsen if left unchecked. 

How Netradyne Assists with Fleet Vehicle Maintenance 

Netradyne’s fleet management software has real-time alerts, gathers these alerts, and captures the corresponding events with internal and external dash cams. The system helps you access vehicle status, locate drivers and their vehicles, and check activity while a vehicle is on the route. You are then able to make better data-driven decisions concerning vehicle operations and maintenance. 

A reliable system like Netradyne’s will help you and your drivers stay in the loop during daily operations. The Driveri® system will give you access to the data you need to keep your drivers safe and your operations running smoothly.

Final Thoughts

Investing in the right fleet tracking solution can help you stay proactive in fleet operations. As a fleet manager, you have found it is better to stay ahead of vehicle maintenance rather than wait for the event of a breakdown. With fleet tracking software, you are able to manage your costs better and keep your drivers safer without sacrificing efficiency.

Explore more solutions provided by Netradyne so you can enhance how you manage your company.

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