Construction companies disseminate, maintain, and use large fleets of equipment across several sites. It’s integral for your business to manage these accordingly.

Construction fleet management software helps you manage all your equipment and vehicles.

From monitoring and maintenance, asset recovery, improved security and safety, cost savings to project completion efficiency, the right software will improve operations and boost profit in the long-run.

Check out how exactly your business will reap the benefits with fleet management software for construction.

The Benefits of Construction Fleet Management Software

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Streamlined Fleet Management Process

Fleet management software offers streamlined and organized access to information such as driver behavior, job location and equipment usage, hours of service per driver and equipment, and other related features that assure safe use and efficient operations.

You can also enable the management and dispatching of jobs from one dashboard to connect across the sites. You can easily switch between information and enjoy a streamlined fleet management process as you jump from one aspect to another of construction.

Ability to Track and Analyze Data to Identify Improvement Opportunities

The software does more than construction fleet tracking of location, equipment use, and driver behavior footage.

All these inputs and more are analyzed accordingly to ensure your equipment is operated properly and to guide you towards smarter improvement opportunities. You save time by seeing the data analyzed and can make better management decisions from there.

Enhanced Safety and Security

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With your equipment and vehicles stationed in different sites for months or years, a fleet management software can monitor its location in real time for increased security and enhanced safety for the workers.

Real time tracking protects the business’ investment in expensive construction equipment, preventing theft and increasing the chances of recovery.

Improved Site Protection Against Theft

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your heavy equipment fleet with our maintenance software. Our software enhances the protection of your essential assets, ensuring that you can successfully complete any task.

Through the use of external cams, you’ll have complete visibility of your valuable equipment, providing peace of mind and enhancing overall productivity.

“Thieves stole tires and parts, and we had no recourse,” said Gallegos. “We put Driver•i cameras in two trucks that were parked in that yard, captured the video, sent it to the local police department, and they matched it to a suspect. We never would have been able to do that with our former camera solution.”

Amanda Gallegos, Director of Risk Management, Stewart Transport

Improved Satisfaction of Customers and Workers

Equipment and vehicle drivers will appreciate how the fleet management software ensures their safety. A smart fleet dash cam as part of the software features not only records instances but can also detect positive and negative behavior from operators.

They’ll be reminded to avoid the risky behavior captured, which helps improve their performance over time. Customers are assured the best equipment use, protection, and safety protocols thanks to the fleet management software’s comprehensive tracking and analysis.

Increased Project Completion Efficiency

construction equipment fleet management

Decisions based on organized, analyzed data assure smarter results and improved performance across the board for your construction project.

Efficient equipment use assures the project is completed on time and meets all the necessary parameters for the site and workers’ safety.

Improved Efficiency of Maintenance and Repair Processes

The construction fleet management software can also remind you of preventive maintenance scheduling based on the equipment’s purpose and the state of its components.

Based on the data provided, you can easily identify improvement opportunities in terms of fuel consumption and equipment use.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Fleet Management Software

Several aspects need to be considered when finding the right construction fleet management software.

First, look at the features and their functionality. Does the software offer the features you require and how functional are they in aligning with your business? It should also be easy to use.

Second is your budget and price point along with the scalability of the software. Will it meet the allotted budget for software and does the price point match your expectations in scalability? This means you’re also paying for the software’s coverage in providing features and expanding to your fleet as it grows.

It’s also important to have support availability. The software’s customer business should have good reviews and be easy to reach.

Next, look at how the construction fleet data is collected and its storage. Apart from accessibility, it should be protected and secure however it’s stored. Don’t forget to also check the reporting capability and analytics. Look at how much it covers in terms of data gathering, organization, and analysis.

Since you’re incorporating a new technology, the fleet software should be easy to integrate with your construction fleet management process. Look at how the data recording, transfer, and analysis aligns with your manager’s workflow and management projects. Onboarding and training of the software should also be available for all involved parties.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the construction fleet management software user reviews. Here you can check for actual input and experiences from customers like yourself.

Why Driver•i is the Top Fleet Management Solution for Construction Companies

Improve retention and driver efficiency with Driveri | Man in a semi giving a thumbs up

Look no further and see how Netradyne’s Driver•i enhances your construction business operations. Its advantageous features include theft prevention and GPS tracking for security and better route or use planning. Driver safety is assured with performance tracking and preventive measures through in-cab reminders.

Driver•i has geofencing capabilities that alerts you whenever the equipment and vehicles enter and exit the designated area.

Chat with us today about Driver•i’s fleet management software for construction today.

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