The COVID-19 pandemic showed the importance of supply chain visibility in delivering essentials such as food and medicine. Without the correct information and data from shipment routes, driver performance, and real-time road conditions, fleet managers cannot make the right decisions that ensure proper supply chain management. Populations cannot receive their needs and companies will lose profit. Transparency or visibility of the supply chain allows managers, stakeholders, and drivers to deliver goods on time and in the correct conditions.

AI, GPS tracking, and other technologies provide the data that makes supply chain issues visible. From here, shipping fleet organizations can assess how to better address these issues. Here are some of the advantages of supply chain visibility and what it can do to help your fleet company.

Accurate updates on the truck’s location

Your fleet visibility begins with the truck’s locations throughout the journey. GPS and AI sensors are particularly helpful in showing where the truck passes, especially for deliveries that go through multiple locations. But location is only one part of supply chain visibility. You can also harness technology that offers information on the truck’s speed and fuel consumption. These details can predict if the delivery will be made on time and in the most efficient manner. From there, the AI can assess the information gathered and provide you the data for planning more efficient routes. You can compare the completed deliveries and see what exactly from the end to end visibility supply chain made that happen.

Use of technology to improve delivery fleet visibility. Apart from location via GPS, the technology can also offer information on the truck’s speed, performance, and fuel consumption.

Helps manage operation costs

A large fleet of delivery trucks means high operational costs. Keeping these expenses under control can be a challenge, especially for companies with hundreds of trucks making multiple deliveries. With the right information from GPS fleet tracking and an app that gathers driver performance and vehicle data, large organizations can get the information they need to lower their operational costs. Based on real time travel information, fleet managers can plan for route optimization. They can also gather data from vehicle problems and assess how they can make predictive maintenance. Other technologies can gather the positive and negative behaviors of drivers via dash cams, so managers can also see what can be done to reduce workforce costs.

AI to help manage human errors

Managing human errors is one of the answers on how to improve supply chain visibility. Managers and stakeholders need to see how and what mistakes are being made during loading, driving, unloading, and processing. Otherwise, they cannot find the solutions to what will otherwise be recurring problems. Apart from ensuring correct and on-time deliveries, inaccurate tracking of goods can also cause over or under-stocking in their destinations. AI can assess the videos from dash cameras and analyze the errors that are occurring.

Apart from the information gathered for managers, there are also technologies that offer real-time information drivers can use to avoid mistakes they’ve made before. For example, Netradyne’s dash cams decrease risk with real-time in-cab audio alerts that tell drivers to take corrective action. Your fleet visibility isn’t just among managers but also among the drivers as they make the delivery.

Improve operational efficiency

The information gathered for supply chain visibility enables fleet delivery companies to achieve operational efficiency. The GPS system your trucks use are automated and won’t require any micromanaging from the headquarters. Drivers will receive the real-time data they need on routes, accidents, and even their driving behavior while they’re on the road. You can also access the data in real time as well, allowing you to dispatch any necessary information like new routes or roads to avoid accidents. Your fleet has the means to operate efficiently, whether from the hundreds of trucks delivering goods or the managers looking at the bigger picture.

Provides supply chain transparency to your customers

With technology that allows for end to end visibility in your supply chain, you can round up the numbers and results that prove your value to customers. When clients see the proof, their confidence in you will increase and they are likely to do business with you again. You also immediately stand out against the competition.


Final Thoughts

Fleet safety technology is a key component to achieving supply chain visibility. Valuable information or the examples of supply chain visibility like the truck’s location, the state of the route, and the arrival of the items, are all accessible and recorded using GPS and AI-empowered technologies. Netradyne is your partner in achieving supply chain transparency, with its intelligent fleet dash cams and a driver recognition app that empowers your staff to perform better on the road. Find out how we can help you achieve fleet safety visibility today.

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