If you’re looking at options for your company’s fleet management system, the task can get overwhelming especially since there are a lot of types of fleet management softwares to choose from. Some features may not be clear and you’re not sure which choice comes out as the best one for your fleet. To choose the best system, you need to ask the right questions.

Here are the seven questions to keep in mind when deciding on the best fleet management system.

Is the fleet management system easy to use?

Usability is one of the first things to look for. If the system is intuitive and easy to use, then you won’t have problems convincing fleet managers to love it. Remember that anyone in your company should be able to use and understand the fleet management software after training.

From the start, you want a solution they can easily log in and access from their smartphones or other devices. Look for systems that have easy navigation of the features your company needs. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions about access, specifically about anything you can’t find on your first few trials. If you can’t find what you need after multiple clicks and swipes, then you probably don’t want that fleet management software on your list.

How mobile is the system?

How mobile or accessible is the fleet management system online? If you need to rely on paper records, then the system can’t work completely in real-time. Study how easy it is for everyone to access and load the device whenever, wherever. Apart from smartphones, see how it will load and appear from the headquarters’ computers. The more mobile your system, the better.

Can I use the data it will provide?

Here’s where the reasons for getting a good fleet management system come in. You’re likely looking for software that will help you analyze driver performance, vehicle schedules and inspection, equipment maintenance, and more. Depending on your company’s needs, you’ll want all or a few of these features to manage and make the best decisions for your fleet. Go for a system that not only provides the information you need but also presents the data in a digestible manner. Study the data offered and see if it matches your needs as a fleet manager.

Does the system include video?

Dash cams have become an integral part of fleet management systems. Apart from saving time and money on insurance claims, the footage offers accurate and real-time data on your driver’s performance. You can study their strengths and weaknesses in specific instances. Both interior and exterior cameras are available, so you’ll also have access to in-vehicle behavior. Review the dash cams that come with the software. Ask where they can be located and how well they integrate into the system.

How well has the software performed with other fleet businesses?

Reviews or customer testimonials give life to how well the fleet management system performed for similar companies. Check out what other businesses have to say in terms of usability, accessibility, and data analysis. Which features help them in the long run? Are there any bad reviews that flag any features they oversell on the site? Read up and see if the system made a difference in the fleet companies’ overall performance. Customer testimonials also offer concrete details that a salesperson or customer service agent can’t provide.

Can the fleet management system grow along with the company?

Whether you are a small business or a large company looking to expand further, the fleet management system needs to keep up with your growth. You may have 10 or fewer trucks now, but as time passes, can the software perform as well with 50 or 100 online? Will the system continue to be accessible and easy to use even at the most remote locations? You may be based in one city now, but can you download and use the system just as easily on the opposite coast or even in another country? These are just some of the growth considerations when it comes to choosing the best fleet management system.

Is the system or software easy to integrate with other technologies?

Dashcams and the driver app aren’t the only programs your company uses. Your company may also need to integrate with web-based analytics software or driver safety training programs. Will the fleet management software work easily with these other systems? It’s best to do a test run or check the compatibility with what your drivers currently use in their commercial vehicles.

Final Thoughts

With the right fleet management system in place, you’ll soon be making data-based decisions and witnessing improved performance among your drivers. Ask these questions and you’ll find the best fit for your business. Want to know more about the best software available? Check out what Netradyne’s Driveri® app has to offer.

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