AI Dash Cam with Live GPS Tracking

Live GPS tracking seamlessly integrated with the leading AI dash cam.
"We had zero deductible events in the last year, and we feel confident that it’s because of the driver behavior that we were able to show them through the AI. The amount we lowered our insurance was more than the amount we paid for the Netradyne Driveri system."
“We found that the artificial intelligence, machine learning, video quality, and instant feedback provided by Driver•i solution was the best dash cam that fit our needs, and the enhanced focus on positive aspects of our driver’s behavior was a true product differentiator.”

Big Fleet Safety Results, Fast


distracted driving


Reduction in insurance claims


Improvement in following distance

Detect and Correct 7x More Risk In Real-Time

Identify 30+ alerts and correct the behavior with in-cab coaching before an accident or violation occurs.

Recognize and Reinforce Great Driving

Studies show positive reinforcement is more effective than punishment. Reinforce great driving with the only camera that understands road context.

Automated Driver Coaching

Let drivers take control of their career with Virtual Coaching, a self-directed weekly review of their opportunities for improvement.
Automated driver Coaching

Advanced Safety Analytics

Quickly understand performance with the GreenZone® Score, the only scoring system that measures the entire driving day.

Or, drill deep into driver behavior with 30+ alerts and 20+ pre-built reports.
Advanced Safety Anaytics

Get the Full Story

Remove guesswork and expedite insurance claims with seamless 360° HD video footage, GPS locations, and telematics data.

Live Fleet GPS Tracking

Get instant visibility into any situation with live vehicle locations and a 360° camera live stream from Driverᐧi®. View speed, engine status, and other key vehicle telematics data with ease.

Manage Your Business In One Place

Driver·i One combines Netradyne’s AI safety platform with Geotab’s leading fleet management platform to create a seamlessly-integrated experience of best-in-class solutions on a single device.

Driver·i One

Bryan Truck Lines Reduced Their CSA Score by 64.5%

“Our goal is to grow good drivers to great drivers and great drivers to excellent drivers. This keeps safety at the forefront of everything we do.”

Zach Dean
Chief Operating Officer, Bryan Truck Line

Powered by Driver·i, the Industry's Most Advanced Fleet Camera Technology

Choose from road facing, dual, and quad dash cameras – all powered by Driver·i’s industry-leading AI, edge computing, and accuracy.

Driver·i Quad Fleet Dash Cam

Driver·i Quad Fleet Dash Cam

The flagship vision-based Driver•i quad dash cam system includes four HD 1080p cameras providing a 360-degree picture: one road-facing, one driver-facing, and two side window views.

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fleet safety camera

Driver·i Dual Fleet Dash Cam

The vision-based Driver•i dual dash cam system was designed for small and medium vehicles, and features two HD cameras: road-facing and driver-facing.

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Driver·i Hub Camera Extension

Driver•i Hub supports up to four additional cameras, perfect for monitoring passengers or cargo monitoring.

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What Our Customers Have To Say About the Driver•i Fleet Camera System

Commonly Asked Questions

How frequent are the updates from the GPS fleet tracking feature?

The Driver•i system monitors 100% of the drive time, alerts that occur within this time frame are updated every 10 seconds.

Does the system automatically shut off when the vehicle is not in use?

The system shuts off when the vehicle’s engine is idle for 3 minutes. Also, the inward-facing camera is equipped with privacy mode that allows the driver to not be recorded while taking breaks.

How does the Driver•i AI Fleet Camera System enhance safety for my fleet?

The Driver•i Fleet Camera System uses advanced AI technology to proactively analyze 100% of the driving day, providing real-time alerts for potential hazards and risky driver behavior. With the highest resolution video and advanced object detection, it can visually identify signs, signals, pedestrians, and other objects, delivering real-time insights and alerts to help prevent accidents before they happen and improve overall safety for your fleet.

What’s the difference between a regular dash cam and Driver•i AI-powered dash cams?

Driver•i’s AI-powered dash cams use machine learning and edge computing to better identify positive and risky driving behaviors. For example, if a driver is following too closely but then corrects their behavior, the inward-facing dash cam will recognize the correction and reward the driver through their GreenZone Score.

Do drivers have access to the dash cam video and data?

Drivers can be assigned dash cam videos by fleet managers for coaching. This is done through the dashboard which also shows a driver’s GreenZone Score. The GreenZone Score also shows how a driver is improving and where they need to improve, this is displayed on the mobile app.

What triggers the dash cam alerts?

The Driver•i dash cams capture 100% of the drive time. Events like speeding, hard braking, and following distance trigger in-cab audio alerts so the driver can correct their risky driving behavior. Recordings from the dash cams are organized by alert on the Driver•i dashboard so fleet managers can find coachable moments easier.

Do the Driver•i dash cams still record when the vehicle is off?

Driver•i’s dash cams turn off when the vehicle is turned off. Also, there is a privacy mode feature for when the driver goes on a break or clocks out.

Can the Driver•i Fleet Camera System be integrated with other systems?

Yes, the Driver•i Fleet Camera System can be integrated with other fleet management systems such as GPS tracking and telematics systems to provide a more comprehensive view of fleet performance. Learn about Netradyne integrations here.

What fleet dash cam hardware options are available?

Fleets can choose between a road facing dash cam, dual facing dash cam, quad dash cam, and side dash cams.