If you’re considering how to be a fleet manager, then taking a fleet management program is a good start. It is the next step or answer to “how do I become a better fleet manager,” especially to those who are older and more experienced. You enjoy more than a pay increase with management training credentials. Fleet management certification adds value to your experience, builds on your knowledge, and offers professional recognition.

What is a Fleet Management Certification?

Fleet management certification deepens your knowledge of the job’s different aspects such as vehicle maintenance and utilization, regulatory requirements, tendering, and whole life costs. The course is suited for fleet managers, operations managers, front-line managers’ managers, and even drivers. The certification can also cover the specifics of the role and important leadership skills you need to develop.

Two fleet professional certifications are most recognized among commercial vehicle fleet managers: (1) The NAFA Fleet Management Association Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) and (2) The American Public Works Association Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP).

NAFA Certified Automotive Fleet Manager

The CAFM is recommended for fleet managers or drivers who prefer to study at their own pace. It is a self-study program that covers eight disciplines you need to finish within three years. Those who cannot commit to studying all eight disciplines can take the CAFS, the Certified Automotive Fleet Specialist credential that lets you study four out of the eight listed below.

Those who will take this fleet management education program should have at least one year of experience in the industry.

The eight disciplines you’ll study here are:

  1. Asset Management
  2. Business Management
  3. Financial Management
  4. Information Management
  5. Maintenance Management
  6. Professional Development
  7. Risk Management
  8. Vehicle Fuel Management

APWA Certified Public Fleet Professional

The APWA’s fleet manager certification course was launched in 2006. It gives students who complete the course the Certified Public Fleet Professional (CPFP) designation that is a coveted qualification for those vying for fleet management jobs and titles. You can check out the resources online to see how you can prepare and take the exam.

Applicants to this fleet management certificate course can take several online programs and fleet management training seminars to prepare for the CPFP test. The exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions and is taken online. All examinees must answer the questions within 3.5 hours.

Other Fleet Management Certifications

If the CPFP and CAFM are too time-consuming or expensive, you can also consider other fleet management certificate courses. Here are some of the other fleet management training courses.

NATMI Certifications

The North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) offers fleet safety certification that suits maintenance managers, fleet safety directors, and trainers of drivers. Students learn how to reduce vehicle accidents and injuries, along with the management of vehicle maintenance costs. It consists of six levels of certification. The NATMI courses require two to five years of work experience for students to be eligible.

NPTC Certified Transportation Professional

The National Private Truck Council (NPTC) offers the Certified Transportation Professional (CTP) program to executives and managers. It has been around since 1993 and the program has five core areas that teach leaders to control costs, manage operations and regulatory issues, and the best ways to execute systems and other practices for the fleet and transportation industries. To achieve the fleet certified status of an NPTC CTP, eligible students are assessed according to a points-based system added up from the manager’s work experience, education, and industry participation.

The five core areas of this fleet management certificate course are:

  1. Finance
  2. Operations
  3. Safety
  4. Human Resources and/or Legal
  5. Vehicle Equipment and Maintenance

ARN Fleet Management Certification

The Automotive Resource Network (ARN) certification program trains fleet professionals on operations and fleet maintenance and cost reduction strategies or methods. Professionals who take this course need at least three years of experience of on-hand work in the fleet or transportation industry.

Federal Fleet Management Certifications

Those who work in the federal government can take any of these fleet management certifications.

NPMA Federal Fleet Certification

This certification from the National Property Management Association (NPMA) is the course for those in federal fleet management. Fleet managers are taught the rules and regulations specific to federal fleets. For more information on its three levels, check out the NPMA site.

GSA Federal Fleet Manager Certification Program (FFMCP)

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)’s FFMCP has six core courses and two electives. The full course includes procedures and federal vehicle policies for fleet management across all levels. Students need to receive at least 70% in their course exam . For more information, check out the FFMCP course descriptions.

Final Thoughts

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