Are you having trouble keeping your fleet drivers motivated? Does your company have a higher turnover rate? Are your drivers complaining about the lack of evidence whenever false accusations are made?

Maybe it’s time to buy a dash camera that can protect their safety. While we understand that this can be a difficult conversation, the benefits have a positive effect on everyone.

The UK attests to the benefits of a dashcam. The country experienced 397 fewer collisions between March 2017 to March 2018 after more motorists use a front and rear dashcams.

But how about all the other concerns among your fleet drivers? They’ll be hesitant and have certain assumptions about the technology. Is there a best dash cam for truckers? Will the dashcam videos be used against them?

Here we break down the top dash cam tips on how to explain its effectiveness.

1. Be Transparent

Open communications with your drivers before installation. Explain dash cam technology and the benefits it reaps. This transparency benefits your employee-employer relationship and increases your company’s success, and improves driver behavior.

Hold an open forum. Use this conversation to gauge what your staff knows about a driver dash cam. From there, you can assess what they need to know and use this as a basis for the next step.

2. Explain How It Works

Set your drivers’ expectations around using a fleet dash cam accordingly. Start with the fact the video recording is not to watch them on camera. Emphasize the option to use a dash cam cover and where the camera is placed, like near the rearview mirror.

Build a positive image around the dash cam technology. Emphasize the recognition of good behavior so that they see how the technology works for them, rather than against them.

You can also explain how it protects the driver and has their well-being in mind. Real-time audio alerts on the best dash cams inform them of common mistakes like distracted driving and speeding based on road signs. Their safety is the technology’s top priority.

3. Ask For Feedback

Now that you’ve established the company dash cam policy for your drivers’ advantage, use the recorded videos and data to build positive feedback around their performance. According to Cord Himelstein, VP of Marketing of a company that creates recognition strategies:  if you “give people feedback about their actions on time without fear of reprisal,”  then they are given the “healthy opportunity to work toward behaviors.” Start with a top dash cam and use the feedback to improve your driver’s performance.

4. Recognize Good Driving

Use the data-based feedback to recognize good driving among your staff. Unlike legacy solutions that only record negative behavior, advanced technology like Netradyne Driveri recognizes when drivers follow the traffic lights and speed limits, all thanks to the high image quality. Have a monthly tally of your top drivers and post them online to show your appreciation. This also sets up a healthy competition among your staff, which helps in the next tip.

5. Use Gamification

Support your good driving recognition with a gamification or rewards program. Behavioral research has shown that employees’ performance levels are highest when the rewards depend on their performance. Start with small rewards like a gift card or a cash bonus. This also enables healthy competition among drivers.

6. Showcase Real Footage

Showing the benefits of a dual dash cam is more convincing than telling. Have them watch footage caught on a dash cam that can prevent an accident or protect a driver. This will have the dash cam features explained visually and shows them where to upload dash cam videos and how they’re used.

7. Share Successes

Based on the recorded data of good driving behavior and safety alerts, see how everyone’s road performance improved road safety.  What important milestones were hit? Are there fewer accidents from installing the best front and rear dash cam? Share these successes so drivers are on board with your dash cam company policy and are recognized for positive driving behavior.

Final Thoughts

Getting driver buy-in is an important part of a fleet safety program. And it’s not easy. Without their conviction, you can’t begin to look for the best commercial dash cam.

But well-presented dash cam information will help convince drivers of its function. The world has already begun upgrading its fleet safety with 36.1 million units sold in 2019.

With the best quality dash cam, you can get driver buy-in more easily. Netradyne’s dash cam for fleet vehicles captures and analyzes driver compliance and sends real-time safety alerts. Find out how this technology can work for your fleet company and drivers’ advantage.

Want to learn 6 more tips to get driver buy in? Read our full guide to get your drivers on board.

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