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The Big Rig Biz Meets Big Data, Tech

Digital Opportunities beyond Compliance

With ELD solutions serving as a technological entry point, trucking operations are exposed to a number of niche digital opportunities that can drive efficiencies and improve fleet safety. Companies like Netradyne focus on highly intelligent dash cams to monitor and manage driver performance, provide safety alerts, and expedite accident handling. [by Pat Nolan | 08/07/2018]

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Driver safety is ‘all talk’ with this AI real-time road coach

With so much info coming at you while you’re on the road, another device seems like the last thing that would help.  But San Diego-based startup Netradyne wants its Driveri™ camera to help you drive better by actually monitoring how you drive — and giving you feedback. Using AI to teach its platform how to respond to situations on the road, the company works with fleets and commercial drivers.  It tracks driving and behavior in real-time and gives in-the-moment advice for dangerous situations.

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Netradyne Providing Deep Learning Solutions For Effective Fleet Management

Auto Tech Review caught up with Teja Gudena, Vice President, Engineering – Devices, Netradyne, to know more about its flagship product platform – Driveri™, back-end technologies and future mobility solutions that can be deployed in fleets.

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Startup Stories: Revolutionizing Driving AI with Netradyne

David Julian has quite the resume. Once an engineer at NASA—more specifically, a communication systems engineer—and signal specialist in the mobile phone division at Qualcomm, he now serves as the enthusiastic CTO of San Diego startup Netradyne. We were curious how Julian has navigated the tech startup world, so spent an hour parsing his inspiration, his strategy, and his vision for new technologies—most notably artificial intelligence (AI). He also offers budding tech entrepreneurs some sage advice as they launch in the sea of 2018 tech innovation.

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Mapping driver risk: Netradyne demos new vision-based safety tech at TCA event

[CCJ Article by Aaron Huff |] The Chief Executive of expedite carrier Load One, John Elliott, stopped by the Netradyne booth at the 2018 Truckload Carriers Association’s annual convention to see a demo of a new risk management feature.  During the demo given by Adam Kahn, Netradyne’s vice president of fleet business, Elliott saw a RiskMap populated with Load One data.

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