India is well known globally for its complex driving conditions. High vehicular traffic density, variety of commercial, public and passenger transportation together with pedestrians, two and three wheelers and a smattering of animals on the road present one of the most challenging tasks for object identification.  Leveraging both global expertise in Machine Vision and years of local knowledge of driving behaviour, Netradyne’s Edge Computing based Driveri™ platform has been trained specifically to function in India’s immensely complex driving situations. 

Introducing Driveri™ for India

Driveri™ is the world’s most advanced vision-based driver assistance and recognition platform. Driveri™ is loaded with a suite of cutting-edge components – 1 TFLOP compute power Deep Learning Processor, 1080p Quad HD Cameras, IMU sensors including accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope, 4G LTE communication channels, and an Integrated Wi-Fi, BT and CAN connectivity. Driveri™ is a vehicle agnostic, easy to fit aftermarket product, suitable for all classes of 4 wheelers including Medium Commercial Vehicles (MCV), Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) and Passenger Vehicles.

Driveri™ Real Time Coach continuously monitors and alerts drivers of unsafe driving and compliance violation in real-time. Commercial fleets can leverage the videos uploaded on cloud connected Intelligent Driver Monitoring System (IDMS) platform for monitoring, recognition, and coaching of drivers.

Importance of ADAS

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) help to avoid accidents and are the first step towards Autonomous Driving.

Netradyne’s ADAS for India

Netradyne’s Driveri™ uses proprietary Deep Learning based computer vision algorithms to identify at-risk driving situations. Upon detection of an impending danger, Driveri™ notifies the driver in real time using Netradyne’s Real Time Coach audio messages.

  • Real Time Coach audio messages are available for Collision Warning, Following Too Close, Seat Belt violation, Driver Drowsiness, Distracted Driving, Overspeeding, Hard Braking, Hard Acceleration and Hard Turn.
  • Moderate to severe alerts based on factors like traffic condition, road condition, and driver attentiveness.
  • HD Videos of Accidents and critical events to provide insights and facilitate action to modulate driver behaviour.



Engagements in India

Netradyne is fully commercial in India. Netradyne’s Driveri™ has been well received by India’s leading OEMs, commercial fleets, corporate fleets and ride-sharing car companies. Driveri™ has helped clients improve their commercial vehicle safety standards, increase driver retention and engagement leveraging proprietary driver rating GreenZone score, and cut down on maintenance as well as legal and insurance costs with faster turnaround times. 



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