Data-driven improvements in driver behaviors have reduced risks and costs and improved customer satisfaction

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – May 16, 2024Netradyne®, a leading provider of AI-powered fleet safety solutions, today unveils the success of its customer Kutzler Express, a YMX Logistics company. A pioneering provider of yard logistics, spotting, shuttling, and on-demand dedicated transportation services since 1929, the Kutzler Express team has showcased outstanding achievements since the start of its partnership in 2023. Through this collaboration, Kutzler has leveraged Netradyne’s dual-facing safety cameras and advanced driver-coaching technology to enhance safety, operational efficiency, and accountability.

The adoption of Netradyne’s technology has resulted in a noticeable impact. The average GreenZone® Score (a number between one and 1,000 that corresponds to a driver’s safe driving habits) of Kutzler’s fleet rose from 924 in 2023 to 949 in 2024, and driving time without an alert is around 95.5%. Kutzler drivers receive roughly ten times more DriverStars (points awarded for good, safe, and skilled driving behaviors) than severe hard-braking events. Based on the 1.2 billion miles analyzed by Netradyne, Kutzler ranked as one of the safest transportation companies in the U.S. compared to the top 40 truckload companies.

“Our team’s safety and well-being are critical to our operations, and Kutzler’s commitment to excellence is evident in everything we do, including the partners we choose to work with,” says Matt Winkler, safety manager at Kutzler Express. “Netradyne’s safety cameras add a critical level of security for our drivers. Access to our driver’s data helps us maintain a high standard of excellence by quickly identifying and addressing behaviors that need to be improved and rewarding safer driving behaviors.”

“We love working with customers like Kutzler who are committed to safety as an organization because it illustrates the best outcomes that can be delivered through our GreenZone scoring system and the true impact that safety can have on the bottom line,” said Adam Kahn, president of Netradyne. “Through Netradyne’s industry-leading Driver•i, Kutzler has curbed distracted driving, improved driver safety and secured crucial evidence for insurance cases, lowering their claims in addition to the secondary benefits of lower turnover.”

“Our top priorities are operational excellence, continuous improvement, and creating a safer environment for our drivers and customers,” said Erin Mitchell, COO at YMX Logistics. “What excited us most about this partnership was the ability to quantify safety and make targeted improvements based on Netradyne’s insights and our goals.”

In addition to improving driver safety and allowing the company to operate at a higher standard, Netradyne’s technology helps Kutzler protect against theft and vandalism, and prevent fraud and abuse from accident-related incidents. Safety cameras can provide crucial evidence contributing to the vehicle’s security and transporting customers’ goods.

About Netradyne
Netradyne harnesses the power of Computer Vision and Edge Computing to revolutionize the modern-day transportation ecosystem. Netradyne is an industry leader in fleet safety solutions, immediately improving driver behavior and fleet performance and setting commercial vehicle driving standards. Driver•i, Netradyne’s AI fleet camera system, detects potential hazards, helping drivers make safer decisions and reducing risky behavior by up to 96%. Netradyne’s relentless pursuit of technological advancements and unwavering dedication to improving road safety have positioned the company as a leader in the field. With its innovative AI and ML-based IoT solution, Netradyne continues to empower organizations worldwide to create safer road environments, protect lives, and build a sustainable future.

Netradyne is on the Forbes AI50 list, Forbes America’s Best Startup Employers 2023 list, Gold Stevie® Award for Transportation Product of the Year, and HDT Best Product award.

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About Kutzler Express
Kutzler Express, a YMX Logistics company, is the Midwest’s most reliable and trusted provider of yard logistics, spotting, shuttling, and dedicated trucking services. Founded in 1929, Kutzler has built a reputation for service excellence among Fortune 500 shippers. For more information, please visit and

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