Largest, privately-owned truck leasing company in North America leverages Driveri to positively improve driver safety across its fleet operations

San Diego, CA – March 31, 2022Netradyne, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing focusing on driver and fleet safety, today announced a partnership with Aim Transportation Solutions, a provider of customized fleet services designed to benefit any business that distributes or manufactures products. Through the partnership, Aim will deploy Netradyne’s advanced vision-based driver recognition and fleet safety solution throughout its fleet of vehicles.

Headquartered in Ohio, Aim Transportation Solutions is a family-owned and operated provider of full-service truck and trailer leasing; commercial truck and trailer rental; 3PL brokerage; dedicated contract carriage; professional shop management and truck and trailer maintenance. The company has a proven history of controlling costs, increasing uptime, and driving revenue for customers through programs tailored to the needs of any fleet.

Aim turned to Netradyne for its combination of an AI-enabled camera and scoring algorithm. Since implementing Driveri, Aim has seen dramatic improvement across every metric, including stop sign compliance, traffic light violations and following distance. Aim drivers have also responded positively to Driveri because of its GreenZone scoring system which shows a holistic view of the driver’s performance and helps put the driver in control.

“When we reviewed available solutions in the marketplace, we found nothing else like Netradyne,” said Ron Bourque, Vice President of Safety, Aim Transportation. “At best, other vendors were providing event frequency tallies as a scorecard. Netradyne makes good behavior the star, and the events captured are inputs for the scoring system, but more importantly, they are the building blocks of improved driving habits.”

Driveri provides fleet managers with a comprehensive view of drivers’ activity through a blend of real-time, positive driving notifications and best practice identification. It provides a balance of positive, supportive comments along with constructive feedback – engaging drivers in balanced interactions that promote productive and collaborative relationships, and ultimately safer drivers

“Aim greatly empowers its drivers to take ownership of their driving behavior,” said Adam Kahn, President, Netradyne. “By leveraging our GreenZone scoring system, Aim drivers are able to view their daily, weekly and monthly scores and make adjustments as needed. Aim also ties driver scores to an incentive program, where they can earn points for prizes. The strategy employed by Aim has resulted in impressive safety improvements with minimal coaching overhead.”

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Netradyne harnesses the power of Computer Vision and Edge Computing to revolutionize the modern-day transportation ecosystem. Netradyne is an industry leader in fleet safety solutions, immediately improving driver behavior and fleet performance, setting the commercial vehicle driving standards. Netradyne collects and analyzes more data points and meaningful information than any other fleet safety organization so customers can improve retention, increase profitability, enhance safety, and enable end-to-end transparency. Organizations trust Netradyne to build a positive, safe, and driver-focused culture, so they can take their business to the next level.

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