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“We’ve found the vision-based Driveri™ technology platform to be an important way for us to let our drivers know we believe in them.”                                                                                                   -Keith Warren, Vice President of Transportation
Case Study
“… I like it and understand why we’re doing it. It gives our drivers an incentive for following the rules of the road.”
                                                             – Tanya Welding, Driver
Heavy Duty Trucking Article
“…Driveri™ provided a driver-friendly balance between deep insight into the driving environment, timeliness of meaningful data and recognizing the positive performance of our drivers.”
                                                                                                                                                                                   – Steve Dunn, Director of Safety
Press Release
“We found that the artificial intelligence, machine learning, video quality, and instant feedback provided by the Driveri™ solution best fit our needs, and the enhanced focus on the positive aspects of our drivers’ behavior was a true product differentiator.”
 Carl Svendsen, Chief Strategy Officer
Press Release