“… What Netradyne has accomplished from a technological perspective is not easily replicable.”

Steve Banker, Forbes

“Netradyne’s vision-based road feature analytics will allow us to maintain the most technologically advanced HD maps,”

Byoungkeun Woo, VP of Hyundai MNSoft

“…he was blown away by the quality of the video sent into the office by the Netradyne camera system. Just as importantly, he didn’t feel like he was being overwhelmed with data…”

Chris DeRose, Vice President of Operations for Vascor

“Transportation and logistics companies have to become technology companies.,”

Shaleen Devgun, Chief Information Officer at Transportation Firm Schneider National Inc.


Netradyne Announces Its Vision-Based Road Safety Platform, Driveri®, Has Captured and Analyzed Over 200 Million Miles of Road Data

Netradyne has developed the largest, most comprehensive artificial intelligence vision-based database in the commercial transportation industry

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How AI Can Help Drivers Avoid Reckless Speeding

The technology can provide commercial fleet managers with insights into positive driving and identifying opportunities for individual coaching

Netradyne has begun offering its upgraded VisionPRO camera that provides up to eight different views of a commercial truck that helps fleet managers see the side and rear of their vehicles, the San Diego-based video telematics provider announced.

VisionPRO, which sends video snippets to NetraDyne’s cloud-based Driveri portal, should help fleet managers uncover the cause of “mystery damage” to the back or side of a truck, including rear-end and side-swipe collisions, according to the company. The new camera views will produce visual evidence to protect drivers. Read More

A recent report on highway safety by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) revealed that speed-related accidents accounted for approximately one-third of total road fatalities. Speeding can result from several different factors including fatigue, alcohol-impaired driving, high-stress levels or simply because the drivers subconsciously believed they were driving within speed limits.

“Speeding remains a publicly accepted driving behavior that is reinforced among motorists, policymakers and transportation stakeholders. National surveys of U.S. drivers have found that although drivers identify speeding as risky, drivers nonetheless continue to speed. Drivers have a minimal perception of risk of either getting a ticket, causing a crash, or violating social norms,” the authors of the report observed. Read More