Netradyne vs. Solera

(Formerly SmartDrive)
A Side-by-Side Comparison

Looking for a Solera alternative?

We’ve outlined the key differences between Netradyne Driver·i and Solera (formerly SmartDrive) to help you understand why the switch is worth it.

See How Netradyne Driver·i and Solera Stack Up


Netradyne Driver·i analyzes more drive time with greater visibility and delivers crisp, high resolution video. This can make all the difference when defending your driver in an accident and helps ensure you have the complete story.




Video Quality

1080P - Full HD.

Not HD.

Detects Signs and License Plates

Drive Time Captured

Captures and analyzes 100% of drive time.

Only behavior and trigger-based analysis of drive time.

Camera Field of View

148° Interior, 127° Side, 78° Exterior. 280° view available within a single camera.

144° Interior 90° Exterior. Side views require two additional cameras and a hub.

Camera Storage

Up to 200 Hours.

Up to 104 hours.


Easy, Self Install.

Typically Requires a Technician.


Full Contract Term.

Purchase: 2 Year Warranty. Finance: Full Contract Term.

Driver Experience

Netradyne Driver·i was built to be driver friendly. Positive reinforcement, flexible privacy options, and a self-directed mobile app experience to help drivers manage their careers are just a few reasons that drivers prefer Driver·i.




Positive Driving Recognition

Great driving rewarded with DriverStars within seconds and is programmatically managed to encourage safe driving.

Positive driver recognition is not a focus and not integrated into dashboards or insights.

Self Driver Coaching

Drivers can review their own videos and complete a weekly Virtual Coaching session to understand both good and bad driving to improve their GreenZone Scores.

Coaching is limited to seeing driving behavior. No integration with scores and no options for gamification.

Fleet Manager Experience

Netradyne's insightful dashboards provide you with a complete view of your fleet and your drivers, saving you time and helping you prioritize.




Driver Scoring

GreenZone Score measures and scores the entire day and factors in positive driving.

Unable to fully integrate positive driving score.

Hard Brake Causality

Automatic causality assignment within a few minutes of event, such as traffic light/sign, vehicle in front, vehicle cut off, and more.

Real-time notification with video, but requires human validation.

Coaching Workflow and Audit

Easy-to-use, simple coaching workflow that provides a complete historical audit.

Has a coaching work flow, but no coaching audit capability.

AI Accuracy

99% event accuracy.


Time Spent on Video Review

Videos are automatically tagged with context and surfaced when coaching action is required with AI, greatly reducing the time spent in review.

Relies heavily on human review to identify both risk and positive driving.


Netradyne Driver·i's advanced detection and alerting allows for driver self correction in the moment. It also gives you better insight into driver performance and areas for coaching and recognition.




Compound Alerts

Traffic Light Detection

Average Following Distance


Recognizes signs and traffic lights for more accurate speeding data.

Posted speed database.


Netradyne is fast-growing and 100% focused on building the new standard in safety products.




Commitment to innovation

Growing engineering resources.

Limited engineering resources and high turnover.


Privately Owned

Private Equity Owned

Customer Success

White glove service with simplified onboarding and proactive account reviews.

Customers report resource-constrained teams and a reactive approach.


Modern, reliable platform with better than 99% uptime for the past several years.

Customers report frequent downtime and service disruptions.



Adam Lang, Chief Risk Officer, Halvor Lines
“We found that the artificial intelligence, machine learning, video quality, and instant feedback provided by Driver•i solution was the best that fit our needs.”
Adam Lang Chief Risk Officer at Halvor Lines

Keith Wilson, President, TITAN Freight Systems in circle frame
”With access to the complete picture, we reduced unsafe events by 77% in 10 months of use.”
Keith Wilson President at TITAN Freight Systems