The world’s most advanced driver assistance system, now available in India.

Leveraging both global expertise in Machine Vision and years of local knowledge of driving behaviour, Netradyne’s Edge Computing based Driveri™ platform has been trained specifically to function in India’s immensely complex driving situations.

Keep your fleet safe and coach your drivers from anywhere

Netradyne Driveri™ continuously monitors and alerts drivers of unsafe driving and compliance violations.

Risk Detection

Identify at-risk driving situations

Netradyne’s Driveri™ uses proprietary deep learning based computer vision algorithms to identify at-risk driving situations, even in the unpredictable streets of India.
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Identify at-risk driving situations
In-Cab Alerts

Alert drivers in real-time

Upon detection of impending danger, Driveri™ notifies the driver in real time using Netradyne’s Real Time Coach audio messages.
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Event visibility

Use HD video to coach driving behavior

Upon detection of impending danger, Driveri notifies the driver in real time using Netradyne’s real time coaching audio messages.
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Ready to set a new standard of safety for your fleet?