Improving Driver Performance with Mapping Technology

Gain Driver and Safety Insights with Vision-Based Driving Data

We’re revolutionizing the conventional mapping paradigm with our Dynamic 3DHD mapping technology.

Our unique approach leverages computer vision, SLAM, Edge Computing, and crowd-sourcing to deliver rich, highly accurate content in real-time, critical to the successful development of 3DHD maps and ultimately autonomous vehicles.

Enabling Autonomous Vehicle Innovation

We’re collaborating with innovators in transportation ecosystem to enable advanced driving technology with our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, Data Analytics, and driving performance. Our vision-based method eliminates the need for pricey site surveys, specialized equipment, and human review – enabling OEMs, insurance companies, mapping and technology providers, and fleets to benefit from timely, actionable and accurate data.

Improving Fleet Performance

The Driveri program is designed to efficiently deliver relevant, meaningful and timely information to fleet management and drivers – enabling exceptional driving performance and protecting your fleet.  Mapping helps you to visualize data and quickly identify opportunities and issues so you can improve safety and optimize your overall fleet operations. 

Performance Maps

Road Accuracy

Identify real driving patterns where lines, traffic signs, and signals don’t tell the complete story.

Driving Insight

Visualize where drivers deal with certain road, traffic and weather conditions.

Real-Time Precision

Crowdsourced and vision-based data provide more timely and reliable information than legacy mapping sources.