Intuitive, deep-learning, vision-based technology is the future of transportation safety. With Driveri®  Netradyne is reducing accidents by creating a new safe driving standard for commercial vehicles. We empower drivers by providing them with more awareness of risky driving behavior and reward safe driver decision-making.

Improving Driver Safety with Real-Time Performance Insights

 Netradyne stands apart — providing with a complete view of the driving experience,
highlighting your drivers’ great driving and gaining visibility into everything they experience while on the road.


From high-level fleet metrics to individual driver performance, the Driveri portal provides real-time, actionable information. No need to dig through piles of data, the information you need to take corrective action or give a driver a thumb’s up will be at your fingertips.


Real-time alerts help ensure you have visibility to driver behaviors and incidents that require quick action. Customizable alerts enable you to focus on the performance metrics that matter to your fleet most.


When rewarding drivers, timeliness is key to encouraging great behavior. With our recognition features, you’ll be on top of letting drivers know when they’re on the right track.

Driveri Empowers Drivers to Engage
in your Safety Solution

Immediate Insights, Alerts, and Notifications

Real-time, in-cab alerts enable drivers to adjust as risky events occur, enabling an immediate correction.
The Driveri Mobile Application gives drivers real-time updates on how they’re performing.

High Definition Video 

Provides indisputable evidence in protecting against false claims.

A powerful tool in communicating with drivers about performance. 

Multiple Camera Views

Enable Context and Clarity for Driver and Passenger Safety & Security.

GreenZone® is the industry’s first driver score that is built on the driver’s positive driving versus solely focusing on negative events. We believe that drivers should be measured on their positive performance and apply to coach as needed. GreenZone monitors daily driving and sends a notification when a driver has reached a milestone. Allowing a fleet manager to recognize great driving with confidence. In addition, GreenZone continuously analyzes your drivers and identifies at-risk driving before it becomes critical – allowing you to work with your driver to eliminate risk.

Driver Star

Recognizing great driving performance can result in a more engaged and proactive employee. Driveri® is the only transportation safety solution that recognizes great driving as well as areas that need improvement – enabling your drivers to be a part of the safety solution.

An Innovative Hardware Platform

Netradyne is the first vehicle technology provider to combine Artificial Intelligence with video and advanced onboard sensors to detect, reason and determine causality of events.

The Driveri® technology platform processes data in real time with up to 100 hours of storage. Unlike legacy platforms that rely on video to be uploaded to the cloud then reviewed by humans, thousands of data points are analyzed on the device, delivering real-time insights and alerts.

GPS & GLONASS positioning technologies

For most accurate positioning.

NVIDIA TX1 Deep Learning AI Processor

This AI supercomputer processor includes the latest technology for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, and graphics. Enables video to be processed and analyzed on the device in real-time.

Internal Sensors - 9 Axis Accelerometer , Gyro, and Magneto

Provide accurate information about accelerations in all three directions, orientation in space, absolute change in position and orientation. orientation in space, absolute change in position and orientation

QUAD HD Cameras

Outward, Inward and side views in HD quality enabling unmatched clarity in capturing license plates, street and other objects on the road. - 360 Degree/1080P - 120 DB HDR Driver Privacy Options available.


Up to 50 hours of video on device

Vehicle Data

[J1939 / OBDII] Wheel speed and odometry.


For real time audio alerts.



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