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Appreciation is a fundamental human need. We believe drivers respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work, because it confirms their work is valued. When drivers and their work are valued, we believe their satisfaction and productivity rises. Upon receiving appreciation, drivers are more motivated to maintain or improve their good work.


Drivers are your most important asset to protect in any commercial fleet. That’s why we’ve created a solution to provide fleet managers with a comprehensive view of their drivers activity through a blend of positive driving notifications and best practice identification event-tracking in real-time. Fleet managers focusing only on the negative will seriously hinder their effectiveness. It is very important that you give a balance of good, positive, and supportive comments. Having the ability to engage drivers equally with positive and corrective coaching creates balance – balance that creates positive relationships.

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Counting safe driving as safe driving

GreenZone™ is the industry’s first driver score that is built on the driver’s positive driving versus solely focusing on negative events. We believe that drivers should be measured on their positive performance and apply coaching as needed. GreenZone™ monitors daily driving and sends a notice when a driver has reached a milestone. Allowing a fleet manager to recognize great driving with confidence. In addition, GreenZone™ continuously analyzes your drivers and identifies at-risk driving before it becomes critical – allowing you to work with your driver to eliminate risk.

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Positive collaboration
with your drivers

Netradyne’s Driveri™ platform, with GreenZone™, is the solution to provide fleet managers with a first-ever opportunity for a driver-first dialogue to understand daily driving behaviors. GreenZone™ provides visibility throughout the day providing for a balanced conversation on their driving.

‘Driver-First’ Score

GreenZone™ measures the driver on ALL of their driving; including their ‘good’ driving, driving conditions where 3rd parties caused risk, and events where additional coaching might be needed. Safe driving is counted as safe driving – enabling confident driver recognition and mutually beneficial coaching.

Be Connected;
Be Responsive

One of the advantages of GreenZone™ is that it quickly distills driver information down into Web and Email notifications. Allowing you to connect with your fleet – within minutes of a notification – without having to review volumes of video – wherever you are working at the time.

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