LeSaint Logistics

LeSaint Logistics Invests in Their Drivers with Netradyne™


Verified by the National Association for Chemical Distribution for Responsible Distribution and acknowledged by their insurance carrier, IWLA for Exceeding Criteria in fleet safety, LeSaint Logistics is well recognized for its leadership and commitment to safety. LeSaint wanted to enhance their excellent performance by investing in their drivers and were looking for a way to recognize safe driving, while also being able to participate in mutually beneficial coaching in real time.


LeSaint Logistics wanted to put their drivers first by deciding to partner with Netradyne’s Driveri™ solution—a vision-based platform designed to enhance driver safety by capturing and analyzing every minute of every driving experience.

The high-quality cameras record in 1080p and have a 360-degree view of the driver’s driving environment, providing an overall look of LeSaint Logistics’ fleet operations by capturing millions of driving observations monthly. These driving operations are computed into easy to read, real road-data every minute. This eliminates the need to watch hours of footage and gives the fleet manager the ability to respond and connect quickly by delivering on-the-go notifications.

Netradyne’s driver-minded features were developed to establish a stronger driver relationship by rewarding LeSaint Logistics’ driver’s positive driving. Keith Warren, vice president of transportation at LeSaint Logistics said. “We’ve found the vision-based Driveri™ technology platform to be an important way for us to let our drivers know we believe in them.”

LeSaint Logistics can now recognize great driving with confidence. The Driveri™ GreenZone monitors the driver’s driving behavior and creates a driver score that is built on the driver’s positive performance versus solely focusing on negative events.

We’ve found the vision-based Driveri™ technology platform to be an important way for us to let our drivers know we believe in them.

– Keith Warren, Vice President of Transportation at LeSaint Logistics


Because of the deployment of Driveri™ LeSaint Logistics has seen several improvements in driver behavior, including:

LeSaint Logistics, an award-winning expert in third-party logistics and supply chain solutions offers several services ranging from warehousing, transportation, freight brokerage, inventory management, returns and refurbishment, subscription box fulfillment, network design and omnichannel fulfillment.

Identified by Inbound Logistics as a top 3PL Company and Global Magazine as a Leading 3PL, it’s not surprising that LeSaint Logistics is a leader in helping other businesses advance their supply chains by increasing efficiency.

With locations all over the country, LeSaint Logistics is well versed in a variety of industries, including consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, chemicals, and durable goods.

“LeSaint Logistics has an impeccable reputation for delivering high-quality service to its customers. We believe the company will continue to rise to new levels as a safe, reliable and always forward-thinking solutions provider,” Kahn said.