ALTL Creates a Positive Safety Culture & Lasting Behavior Change

Key Point 1

Solicited driver feedback prior to starting program

Key Point 2

Gradual roll-out with immediate focus on drivers with high risk

Key Point 3

Regular meetings with drivers

Key Point 4

Regular meetings with a core group of drivers & trainers

Key Point 5

Immediate action for distracted
driving alerts

Key Point 6

Driver bonuses (75% on safety & compliance; 25% on-time deliveries)

Why Cameras?

As part of a captive insurance group with 63 members, ALTL was facing some pressure to install in-cab cameras. Already early adopters of fleet technologies, they started their due diligence looking at several providers. They quickly came to the conclusion that the captive was right: cameras are necessary, and it’s the right thing to do. The question then was – which camera?

“We chose Netradyne’s Driveri® because it provided the total package with the scorecard and a platform that drivers can get engaged with,” said Claren Lau, President of ALTL.

ALTL’s Safety Manager, Ryan Merwin, said, “We had a really high CSA and so we had employed a speeding technology, but we found it to be inaccurate and full of false positives. With the Driveri vision-based AI, we have the actual proof with the image of the speed limit sign and the recorded truck speed, so it mitigates this issue.”

Why Cameras

We chose Netradyne because it provided the total package with the scorecard and a platform that drivers can get engaged with. It’s really helped and enabled us to change our driver behavior. It’s been a huge benefit for us here at ALTL.

— Claren Lau, President, ALTL, Inc.

How Did Drivers React?

First, ALTL surveyed the drivers regarding their appetite for an in-cab safety camera solution, and 85% said they were on-board. So, they started their roll out with drivers that were repeat offenders with consecutive incidents.

“We had a driver with severe following distance alerts; his Driveri score was 550 (out of 1,000), which is pretty bad,” recalled Merwin. “I brought him in to the office to show him some videos. It made me uncomfortable watching the videos; I was hitting the brake pedal under my desk. Within 2 weeks he jumped that score from 550 to 750, and he has stayed in that range.”

“We had another driver that received a following distance video alert from me, and he thought it was unwarranted. Then he showed the video to his wife, and she agreed that his driving was too risky. He is totally on board now,” said Merwin.

After six months, they completed the roll-out to the entire fleet.

“It has not affected our turnover, aside from terminating a driver for poor performance,” Lau said. “Now the entire fleet is on board, and we’ve been having a lot of fun with it. We’ve developed a positive company culture around this.”

What Results Did They See?

ALTL saw their CSA score improve by 42% in the 6 months after the roll-out was completed.

The Driveri system has its own score, called GreenZone. The fleet av- erage score was in the mid-600s (out of 1,000) at the start. ALTL says through coaching and engagement, they have increased it to 830, with the ultimate goal of 850.

Stop Sign

Driveri reports also show that ALTL’s stop sign compliance has improved by 98% over the last 6 months.
“I just read an industry article that said the keys to changing driver behavior to create a corporate safety culture are engagement, policy, training, measurement/scoring, and immediate action,” said Lau. “The immediate action is what I’d like to highlight here. When we see a driver that’s doing something they shouldn’t be doing behind the wheel, it’s an immediate phone call. And, our distracted driving alerts have gone down to next to nothing. You don’t know what you don’t know, so I think this tool proactively will prevent a lot of acci- dents that could have taken place.”

Merwin added, “I can be watching TV on a Saturday night, receive an alert on my phone, see what type of distracted driv- ing is going on (texting, calling, reaching) and it gives me the opportunity to mitigate a bad accident. I can call that driver immediately, to avoid a potential accident. Usually they only need to receive that call once and they get it. So far we’ve had great cooperation with that.”

Our distracted driving alerts have gone down to next to nothing.

— Claren Lau, President, ALTL, Inc.

About ALTL

ALTL is a transportation & logistics provider located in west Michigan. Founded in 1972, they attribute their success to continually evolving while being true to their core values. Today with 100 drivers and 109 trucks, ALTL promises superi- or customer service, professional drivers, consistent on-time performance, and damage-free deliveries.